Viv Albertine releases xmas single
Viv Albertine releases xmas single

The wonderful Viv Albertine has got her annual free xmas single ready for download, usefully titled “It’s a Christmas, Single”, it’s as spiky, defiant and brilliantly off the wall genius as you would expect.

Viv Albertine releases xmas single
Viv Albertine releases xmas single

Viv Albertine – FREE DOWNLOAD!!
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Ex-Slits guitarist releases her annual alternative Christmas single

Viv Albertine is fast becoming one of the best songwriters out there. Her spiky songs full of spiky wit and a cutting eye that have a sharp take on life, society and relationships are perfect vignettes. ‘I like being single, I think couples smell, I like being single no snoring at night’ she sings on this playing on the word single in a defiant song on the most unlikely of xmas singles that comes with a really brilliant innovative guitar sound.

With this single she weaves comments on society, conventional wisdom and her own personal life with humorous musings on Christmas.

Viv wrote the lyrics on the tour bus whilst touring with The Damned this November.  As soon as she arrived back in London she was off into the recording studio with no-wave duo ‘Talk Normal’ – who she met through Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) as they were both on his Ecstatic Peace record label and had each played on the Ecstatic Peace stage at SXSW Festival.

Viv and Talk Normal were recording Viv’s crowd favourite track “Confessions of a MILF” for Viv’s forthcoming debut album scheduled for release Spring 2012 and ended the session with this irreverent anti-Christmas ode to single life.

Viv says: “The single was made quick and rough, just how I like my music… and my men.”

Merry Christmas!

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  1. “The single was made quick and rough…”
    No shit Sherlock, I’d’ve never have guessed, given how shite it is!
    Embarrassing drivel. End of.

  2. Great track! Irreverent and cutting, just the way it’s supposed to be. CGB will probably be buying the xfactor or kings of leon single this Christmas. End of : )


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