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Razed To The Ground is an album overflowing with master crafted modern metallic hard-core anthems from one of the genres most overlooked bands. Louder Than War’s Adam Jones reviews. 

Vision of Disorder are true visionaries of their genre and the fact that they didn’t become one of the biggest bands in metallic hard-core is one the scenes greatest tragedies. The bands late nineties output of their self-titled and Imprint are stone wall hard-core classics and if you don’t own them then shame on you. It’s almost a case of wrong place wrong time as once they initially disbanded in 2002 the sound they had sculpted was quickly becoming the new big thing. However, with the band coming back with 2012’s The Cursed Remain Cursed and now this year with Razed To The Ground they are once again proving why they should be the undisputed kings of metalcore.

Straight from the beginning Vision of Disorder’s new record grabs you by the throat and continuously pummels you into submission before enrapturing you in a symphony of huge choruses. Opening track Heart of Darkness really sets the standard for the rest of the album wasting no time in bombarding you with a cavalcade of surgically precise riffs before Tim Williams announces himself with his signature ravenous vocal delivery. The vocal work on this record really is one of the things that makes it truly exceptional as the aforementioned hectic screams are perfectly accompanied by haunting, stirring melodies that explode into infectiously catchy choruses. The Craving is a perfect example of this combining groove laden chugging guitars with a chorus that stays with you long after the album ends. Despite how parasitically catchy these choruses are Vision of Disorder never dumb it down when shifting between brutality and melody. When a lot of bands of a similar ilk attempt huge melodic choruses a lot of the energy gets lost leaving the songs sounding quite jarring. Razed to the ground manages to still maintain a level of aggression and rawness when it transitions between musical ideas and the band never loses their identity when incorporating different sounds.

Now it has to be said that the first thing that hits you with this album is just the sheer amount of riffs it throws at you. There’s the Alice in Chains inspired swagger of Electric Sky which draws you in with its brooding doom laden guitar work, whilst tracks like Nightcrawler feature riffs worthy enough of appearing on any of the early Slayer records. With this album the band really bring you both quality and quantity and Razed to the ground definitely has the greatest riffs per minute percentage out of any album released this year.

In terms of sound Razed To The Ground has been produced immensely well, maintaining a raw and energetic sound whilst still sounding polished. This allows the record to be aggressive and abrasive but never sacrifices its quality and really gives you an appreciation of the craft this album possesses.

With just ten tracks Vision of Disorder have clearly trimmed all the fat from this album leaving a piece of work that accomplishes all it sets out to do and leaves the listener still wanting more. It’s fair to say this album never overstays its welcome and once you hit play it’s hard to turn off until you’ve heard every last note. This album is truly addictive and if you love it then it’s going to be difficult to stop playing it. Razed To The Ground is up there with the best metallic hard-core and metalcore has to offer and is certainly worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as the bands fantastic 1998 release Imprint. With a genre arguably becoming stale and predictable it’s incredibly refreshing to see an older band returning to show the new kids how to do it. This album truly is a perfect example of how a band can not only sound relevant but continue to push the limits of their genre. If you have any interest in the world of metal and hard-core this album is a must buy and will allow you to appreciate one of the scenes most overlooked gems.


If you want to check out more information on Vision Of Disorder you can do so here.

All words by Adam Jones. More of Adam’s writing can be found at his authors archive.  



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