Visage return with new album ‘Hearts And Knives’

Visage return with new album ‘Hearts And Knives’

Early 80’s chart topping New Romantics Visage have announced their return with a new album entitled ‘Hearts And Knives’ due for release in May 2013.

The first single to be lifted from the album will be ‘Shameless Fashion’ and you can listen to it below. The new Visage record ‘Hearts And Knives’ is dedicated to Martin Rushent who died in June 2011 and was one of England’s finest ever record producers. In 1978, shortly after Strange formed Visage, Rushent signed the band’s first single ‘Tar’ to his Genetic Recordings record label.

On 2 February 2012, Strange appeared as a guest on the ITV chat show Loose Women. He stated that he was working on a new Visage album and that nine tracks had been completed to date. He also stated that Midge Ure and Rusty Egan had been involved in one of the tracks to some extent; however the new material was written by and is credited to Steve Strange, Robin Simon, Ben Woods, Nigel Summers, John Bryan, & Rich Mowatt.

In January 2013, Visage launched their new website, Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud accounts and announced their new line-up to consist of Steve Strange and Steve Barnacle along with Robin Simon (former guitarist in Ultravox from 1978-79 and Magazine in 1980) and Lauren Duvall on vocals.

A video has been released which provides a bluffers guide to all you need to know about Visage.

This isn’t the first time that Steve Strange/Visage has tried to re-launch his music career; his previous efforts being thwarted by his own unpredictable behaviour (Court appearances, being drunk onstage, miming and having his vocals sung by his backing vocalists) despite the best efforts of the friends and musicians around him.

Will this reincarnation be the impetus Steve Strange requires to once again propel Visage to the top of the charts; what do you think?

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  1. It’s a nice punchy overall sound….it steps back in time for me really which doesn’t make it very relevant in today’s musical climate. Oh well…it’s one for the diehards…..if there are any left.

  2. Like every single Visage record that has ever been released to date, the music (and in particular, the guitar work which is very reminiscent of the late, great John McGeoch) is brilliant. Steve Strange’s vocals, however, are as dismally-awful, tuneless, muffled and one-dimensional as they ever were.

  3. The overall sound is really very good. A sort of throw back to the old days of visage with Billy Currie and Dave Formula minus the ARP. Steve’s vocals are as the once were, very blue and grey in a mystical way. Robin Simon’s guitar work (especially the lead line on the intro to “she’s electric”) is transcendental. Steve Barnacle’s playing also re-invigorates the sound and Visage has always been famous for the femme fatale vocal accoutrements and Lauren Duvall does not disappoint. For the critics that are always quick to criticize,, music relevance?? music is “to each his own” why does it “have to be” why cant it “just be” Lighten up!!!


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