'Vinylmania' director Paolo Campana

'Vinylmania' director Paolo Campana

Following Record Store Day back in April 2011, we ran a short piece ”˜Vinyl ”“ An Enduring Love Affair’ which featured some of the more interesting examples of vinyl released over the years; these included items such as the Spazz 1” single, The Durutti Column ”˜sandpaper’ LP, and the Adolf Hitler 8” picture disc!

As an avid supporter of vinyl LTW was therefore delighted to be contacted by Italian documentary maker Paolo Campana who is in the final stages of producing the film “Vinylmania: When life runs at 33 revolutions per minute”

A trip into the grooves, ”˜Vinylmania’ is a 75 minute feature length documentary about an object that has never lost its soul: the vinyl record. An epic love story, the film is filled with fascinating characters and internationally recognized artists including Philippe Cohen Solal (Gotan Project), Winston Smith (Dead Kennedys, Green Day record sleeve artist), Peter Saville (Factory, Joy Division, New Order record sleeve artist) and DJ Kentaro (2002 DMC World DJ Champion), also included within the bonus material are interviews with the owners of key vinyl record stores such as Rough Trade, and Intoxica (London), and Disk Union (Tokyo)

Devotion, ecstasy, infatuation, agony ”“ all feelings that the director of the film, Paolo Campana, has experienced from childhood and shares with like-minded record collectors, Djs, musicians and artists (the said vinylmaniacs) in the documentary. Set in 11 different cities worldwide, the director sets out on a global road trip to find out what role vinyl records play in the 21st century.

Campana in an effort to make the double DVD ”˜Vinylmania’ commercially available has begun a Kickstarter campagian ”“ essentially supporters of the film pledge their financial support, anything from $1 upwards ”“ once the $33,000 is raised the film will be finished and those who pledged will receive an appropriate award. The pledges are to used to cover the costs of; Clearance rights of the music for DVD worldwide release, a voice over artist and studio to mix an English language narration track (currently in Italian by the director himself), creation and editing of the bonus materials, creation of a DVD graphic, case and booklet, a 5.1 surround sound version, and licensing costs.

For further details have a look at the promo video and visit the Vinylmania website.



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