Vincent & The Onepotts – Live review

Vincent & The Onepotts
Sunday 17th July 2011 – The Railway, Greenfield (nr Oldham)

It’s a wet Sunday afternoon in Greenfield, a quaint ex mill village some 10miles from Manchester on the very edge of Saddleworth Moor; not the first place you would think of to witness some high octane rock ”Ëœn’ roll mayhem ”“ however on this occasion you would be in the right place, for today Vincent & The Onepotts are trashing the genteel peace as they take to the stage at The Railway.

First off the odd moniker; According to front man – The Rev. Vincent, the name is a homage to the UK based Vincent Motor Cycle Co., and in particular to a 600cc bike produced in the late 40’s ”“ the firm finally went bust in the mid 50’s though not before becoming the brand early UK rockers and ”Ëœton-up’ boys favoured.

So, now we have worked that out; just who are Vincent & The Onepotts?

The band formed at the tail end of 2008 following the demise of two Birmingham bands; Pigfish and The Blunts. When the fallout had settled, Anton from punk mainstays Drongos For Europe was brought in on guitar and a new era of dirty gut wrenching rock ”Ëœn’ roll was born.
Drawing their influence from primal rock n’ roll ”“ think Gene Vincent, and rockabilly, add the associated clothing – leather jackets, fat double soled creepers, and the obligatory tatts; then bring in a healthy f*ck you punk attitude, and the result is a filthy hook laden guitar driven racket that is played with such passion its as if the their very lives depended upon it ”“ its also loud, very loud!

The opening guitar intro to ”ËœDevils Eye’ announces their intention ”“ this is a band that literally grabs you round the throat and demand your undivided attention; no pause and its ”ËœScene’ with a rabble rousing chorus, before ”ËœRazors Edge’ opens with The Rev’s vocal intro struggling to compete with Henderson’s pounding drums. This is frantic stuff, there is no let up as ”ËœRadio Summer’ is unleashed with a chorus so hook laden that most other bands would sell their souls to emulate.
The Railway is a small venue; The Onepotts played with enough energy to fill any festival stage, as such it was like being accosted ”“ but in a pleasant, makes you glad to be alive kinda way. ”Ëœ5 Days, 6 Hours, 9 Minutes’ tears from the cabs and just makes the assembled crowd smile such is the immediacy the Onepotts are able to engage a crowd.

Vincent & The Onepotts – Live review

The set closes with a blistering cover of Motorhead’s ”ËœRamones’, before a two song encore and that’s it; The Rev guides his disciples from the rock ”Ëœn’ roll alter to travel far and wide, to spread the word”¦ take my word for it you really should listen to this preacher man.

Vincent & The Onepotts ”ËœDevils Eye’ CD is available now on Voodoo 13 Records

Forthcoming August tour dates are on the bands website

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