vince ripper kirkcaldy feb 2013 by dod morrison photography (315)

Vince Ripper & The Rodent Show
The Windsor, Kirkcaldy
22nd February 2013
Words: Punk Girl
Pics: Dod Morrison

The Coffins
The show opened with the wonderful band The Coffins from Glasgow with Joe Bone on lead vocals we knew right away this was going to be a special gig. The Coffins haven’t played the Windsor before so this was a first for them and us, and boy we were glad we booked them. Now bear with the reviewer cos we don’t know the names of the songs so all we can say is that they have a new album out in a few weeks and if the songs they played are on the album then it’s going to be well worth buying! The Coffins were a superb addition to the line up playing a blinder of a set with their own unique brand of music.

Brothel Corpse Trio
Next up were Brothel Corpse Trio, a pyschobilly style to these guys, large double bass and punchy catchy tunes played very professionally indeed. The band started with a great tune called ‘Do zombies have feelings too’? they ran through the set which was a 45 minutes and treated the folks to songs from their two albums, all of them played to perfection – songs included Love Mattress – Big Ron -Cannibalism and the brilliant ‘Death Shop Pit Stop’ ended the set off . These guys are well worth watching live and we can’t wait to see them again.

13 Tombs
Next up were 13 Tombs, locals to the Kirkcaldy area they are a two piece outfit brothers Mark and Alan Wilson, stamping their own mark on the horror rock scene. These guys go from strength to strength and everyone seemed to be in fine mood as they went through some of what folks now recognise as a rock solid set. It seems though that when Mark introduces one of their songs and says ‘you got a puss like a monkey’ everyone takes notice as it is a firm favourite with the locals…folks were dancing around and having lots of fun when 13 Tombs entertained the crowd. These guys also have CDs for sale or giveaway and as usual band members of all bands can be found in the venue hall itself with their merchandise. Check them out if you get a chance.

Vince Ripper @ The Rodent Show
Vince Ripper and The Rodent show are up last with their stage show, not a band, but backing tapes and 3D images beamed onto the big screen…The stage itself was set with ripped bandages and skeletons and a severed head. Ripper opens with a track called It Lives…a thumping tune done in the way only Vince Ripper could! The music pounds out and Rodent walks the stage looking like an extra from a George A Romero film. Rodent being guitarist of Alien Sex Fiend in a past life gives him the right to play some classic Fiend tunes…so were all treated to Dead and Buried and Smells like shit!…50 minutes later and Ripper is playing Surfing Bird and ends with Boneshaker Baby …the crowd loved the Ripper and Rodent show and we did to.

Now it is easy to get a gig and ‘show’ mixed up…this is NOT a band! But a show! Once you get your head round this fact you’re allowed into Rippers world to enjoy the brilliant sounds and pounding beats.
On the whole the gig was a huge success and Vonnie Carstairs from Over the Bridge Events said it was 1 of her favourite night since starting putting gigs on and can’t wait till she has all the bands back again.

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