Video Premiere: Math The Band – new video from the band who refer to themselves as “an electro-punk spazz duo.”

Earlier this year Math the Band dropped a cracking album, Stupid and Weird, which we gave a well deserved 8 / 10. They’ve just released a video for the title track off that album which we’re stoked to be able to premiere for you today –  check it out, in all it’s bonkers wonderfulness, below.

Here’s this from our review of the album, written by Adrian Bloxham

“It’s like all your favourite punk bands have been thrown into a room and made to fight it out with xylophones and sega machines, it’s like Hawkwind and Motorhead have been made to wear dayglo and tutus.”

Self dubbed “electro-punk spazz duo” Math The Band are from Providence, R.I. They use a combination of analog synthesizers, vintage drum machines, old video game systems and “shitty” guitars to make the fastest, loudest, weirdest music they can. And they do it very well. You’d be pretty hard pushed to find any other band like Math The Band which, frankly, is one of the reasons we love them so much. Their music is also ridiculously catchy and decidedly “party” – two more reasons why we love them. They’ve been around for over ten years now and in that time they’ve toured with bands like Andrew W.K (like I said, they’re a “party” band), Japanther and Wheatus amongst others.

The video for “Stupid and Weird” has been made by CrashBoomBang Productions. It sums the band up perfectly, being about as bonkers as their music.

You can pick the album up on vinyl at If digital’s more your thing head over to

Math the Band also have a handful of dates lined up for the next few days – check em out below Stupid and Weird the video:



Upcoming live dates:

  • Aug 11 – Amityville Music Hall, Amityville, NY
  • Aug 12 – Middle East, Boston, MA
  • Aug 13 – Webster Underground, Hartford, CT
  • Aug 14 – Cattivo, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Aug 15 – Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH
  • Aug 16 – Mac’s Bar, Lansing, MI
  • Aug 17 – Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL

Math The Band’s website is here: They can also be found on Facebook and they tweet as @maththeband.

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  1. Have never liked the use of the word ‘spazz’ in this or any other context really. Its an insult thats dated and i suppose is used to appear retro, ironic and clever. Its not. I don’t like the PC-language police either and use pretty crass terms myself like ‘mental’ when trying to describe free, unihibited and off-the-wall music/artistes. But I do wish the use of ‘spazz’ would die out.


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