Geraint Watkins Rush Of Blood album cover

A heads up on the return of the Godfather of UK Americana, GERAINT WATKINS, with a new album RUSH OF BLOOD, released by The Last Music Company on 13 September. The man who Nick Lowe once called “the missing link between Paulo Conte and Howling Wolf” delivers a new album of ten songs that venture between country, jazz and blues, old school R’n’B and back again.

We’re able to premiere the video for the title track right here:

In the video, check out the chapati making machine behind Geraint which is part of his son’s street food business. You see the Full Fat cafe right at the end where there’s also a little studio at the back where some of the album was recorded. The video sequences without Geraint are hosted by famed rock and roll barber Mr Ducktail at his Motherkutter Kult Klub in West London, featuring Miss Sugar Rush, one of the UK’s top burlesque artists.

Rush Of Blood sees him teaming up with Brit and Billboard Award winner, Simon Ratcliffe of Basement Jaxx – “Simon got in touch through Jungle Records who put out In A Bad Mood which he was a big fan of and he wanted to try to do some stuff together,” says Watkins. “He lived around the corner so after dropping his daughter off at school, came round to my place where there’s a room that looks more like Steptoe & Son than Abbey Road. We’d do some recording, he’d take it away, work on it, come back and I’d change a bit and so on.”

A lot of the overdubs were done online, literally hooking up with musicians online who were offering their overdub services incognito. “Coincidentally, one of these incognito people was Sarah Jory (note…the UK’s top pedal steel player) whom I’d worked with for Van Morrison,” Geraint revealed.

It’s also the 40th anniversary of his debut album Geraint Watkins & The Dominators which has just been re0issued on Jungle Records. And –  in case you haven’t heard of Geraint Watkins, his pedigree is impressive. Once lauded by Bob Dylan as his favourite UK piano player, his session and live CV includes Dave Edmunds, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Mark Knopfler, Rory Gallagher, The Stray Cats, John Martyn, Tom Jones, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and the list goes on.

There’s a live acoustic set and signing at Rough Trade at 6.00pm on Friday 13 September and also a late afternoon launch gig at 4.30pm on Sunday 15 September at Bush Hall in London.

Geraint Watkins Rush Of Blood album cover

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  1. No disappointment here; it’s inspired. I have high hopes after Geraint’s In A Bad Mood, which is the best pop album of the past 15 years at least.


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