Vice Squad; Kirkcaldy – live review

Vice Squad
The Windsor, Kirkcaldy
April 20th 2013

Pics: Dod Morrison

Buzzbomb, from Bathgate in Scotland – a high energy full on powerful band, with a set to match. These guys deliver a menacing blow on stage and are well worth seeing live.

Next up are Rabid Punk Guitars from Perth , yet again another brilliant mix of powerful songs delivered note and time perfect. I like these guys a lot because they remind me so much of the music I loved back in the late 70’s , you just can’t pigeon hole them either which is good ..Are they punk? Are they new wave? Are they making up their own Genre? – Check out R.P.G if you can – you won’t be disappointed.

The main headline band take to the stage Vice Squad what can is ay that hasn’t already been said about Vice Squad? After a brief introduction for those who haven’t yet seen Vice Squad (and there a few in the venue), the band break into ‘Defiant’, ‘Voice Of The People’ and ‘Anti-Social Security.

The band themselves seem on top form, with Beki and Paul delivering some friendly banter along the way. Next up is the powerful ‘Sniffin Glue’ one of my favourite songs right now , it’s a catchy number I was chuffed they played this track , so much so that it was the first track I played when I got back home and I am playing it now while I type !

Beki looks amazing , Paul and Wayne smile like Cheshire cats and Violet spits waters and looks like she might take an axe to drum kit at any point during the evening … let’s hope she does !

‘Latex Love’ was a song I liked back when the band started out so it was great hearing this one too and even those not familiar with some songs bopped up and down to this one.

Onto ‘Ordinary Girl’ this is another catchy little number and it got my knees bending and feet tapping again ….. Violets drums started to pound out the start to another fantastic track called ‘Out Of Reach’; go Violet! Next up ‘Scarred For Life’, ‘Identity Crisis’, ‘Starvation Box’, ‘Allergy’, ‘Punk Rocker’, ‘Punkrock Radio’, ‘Citizen’, ‘Rockn Roll Massacre’ – the band all seem on top form, joking with the folks, banter being exchanged and Paul’s attempt at a Scottish accent is brilliant!

Vice Squad; Kirkcaldy – live review

Back to the wonderful Violet on drums…well what can anyone say other than she is a powerful drummer who looks so at home behind the kit. Before Vice Squad started the bands roadie asked for the kit to be moved forward from the lighting rig above, because Violet (or Violent as Paul calls her) might damage the lights as she goes crazy with those drum sticks. Well she didn’t disappoint she gave a stunning performance of non-stop perfect drumming … Wayne on bass made up a cracking rhythm section the sound out front was fantastic .

Next songs up on the set list are the timeless ‘Stand Strong Stand Proud’ then ‘Last Rockers’. These two songs ended the set, but wait for it, after a few encouraging shouts for More!!! The band goes back on stage to play another two classic Vice Squad numbers ‘Spitfire’ and ‘Living On Dreams’.

Vice Squad; Kirkcaldy – live review

The band didn’t disappoint in anyway, from the minute they arrived to the last person leaving the venue they made themselves available for pics, CD signing etc. The night was brilliant and ‘Over the Bridge Presents’ would like to thank all the bands involved. Vice Squad themselves asked if they could come and play again so I will be one happy bloke when they do.

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