Vibrating Beds: Sing the Blues – EP review

Vibrating Beds: Sing the Blues EP (Transistor 66 Records)
Out Now

Vibrating Beds are another in a long line of brilliant bands from Canada. They’re a dazzling rockabilly band who’ve recently released an EP which our man Chris Hearn reviews below.

Ooooooweee! This is good stuff. It makes me want to put on a poodle skirt and buy a rat rod, and then take an occasional break by sitting around in a smoky Mississippi Delta bar! This is good ol’ rockabilly blues; gutsy, greasy and raw, but also innocent and fun. It can bring the mind back to a time when kids rumbled instead of got into gun battles, and it was badass just to smoke, never mind doing crack. Sadly, I don’t remember those days, so this kind of music is the closest I guess I’ll get.

Okay, so here is the deal, this is a three piece band out of Winnipeg, Manitoba that have released two EP’s on Transistor 66 records; one self-titled from February 2011, and the latest “Sing the Blues” from March of this year. Both have performed well on college radio and indie music charts in Canada. Lead singer and guitarist Jenna Dangerous sounds pretty deadly with her powerful, bluesy voice, and man can she play guitar! It sounds so, so good, with obvious comparisons to Brian Setzer or other more contemporary guitarists who have mastered this style. And, if she keeps going like this, it won’t be long until she becomes well recognized for what she can do with the instrument. Check out “Let Me Be” and get ready to try and catch your breath!

Ryan Filteau is the drummer, and Leif Gobeil plays bass, and they, as well, are no slouches when it comes to playing. The three seem to work effortlessly together, with both Ryan and Leif giving Dangerous the room and the support to work her magic. Now, I don’t know who plays the organ on “Six Eight” because I don’t have any liner notes to work with, but, wow, darn passionate and well done! Whoever you are, good work; you are part of what makes this a personal favorite on this EP. What I like about these guys is that they incorporate punk, blues, and predominantly rockabilly in a nice package, and actually manage to sound unique.

I find that some bands that go for a rockabilly sound tend to come off a little too campy and insincere. This stuff, however, sounds real. There is true sincerity in the singing and the playing: No gimmicks, just good music. I appreciate that and applaud them for it. I haven’t seen them live yet, though from everything I read and hear, they put on a good show, so I have added them to the list of bands I look forward to seeing. Apparently, July 29th they have a show. I hope to be there.

Get a great deal on their stuff on bandcamp, with a 7 inch vinyl for just 5 bucks and add a shirt designed by a guy named Darren “The King” Merinuck, an excellent artist who does really cool gig posters, album covers, comics and, well, T-Shirts! Check out his blog.

Vibrating Beds website is here.

The album can be bought from the bands Bandcamp here.

More information about the band can be found here.


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