In the final of a special four part feature, Louder Than War are able to exclusively share the new video by  The Venus Lyx, three brothers with a ferocious live reputation and the songs to back it up.

Following up from their exceptional EP release in July, The Brothers Traylen have offered up something a little different with their new output. Presented in full stereo by City Muscle Recordings, the aptly named ‘City Muscle’ is the final of four songs The Venus Lyx have released every week during the month of October 2015. Each song was accompanied by a video filmed by the band and on Saturday 31 October the full set became available to download through the band’s website as an online-only package, ‘The Blackheath Skin Act’.

In a heady and noise-laden climax, ‘City Muscle’ channels the band’s inner Bad Seeds with frantic vocals and steady, repetitive bass broken up by crashing waves of distorted guitars. It’s the perfect finale to a four part release that shows a band evolved. The Venus Lyx have become something quite different, a huge, chaotic beast of a band, far removed from their psychish rockabilly roots.

Frontman Dan Traylen told us…

“City Muscle rides the carousel of carnal desire, pure lust, aching bodies in turmoil. A masterpiece.”

Read the lyrics here:

Fire and gold, Lyx, lips

Skin and spit

Sitting cross-legged

Could I keep you for a little while?

Could you make me feel good?


Put all your fingers in my mouth

Hoist that end of me up! up! up!

And lower it down

This city muscle’s all on fire.


A fantasy murmur’s hard-on

A spatter of chemistry

Grab by both hands and

Make me feel good.


She’s the apple of my eye

Especially when it’s raining outside

She’s the apple of my eye

Especially when it’s raining cats and canine.


I’m all out of resolutions

Big, swinging dividends is out what i’m dreaming of.

Drop that skin act and

Make me feel good.


Fire and gold licks lips

With the skin and spit

It goes on and on…

Could I keep you for a little while?

It goes on and on…


Call me misunderstood

Like you’ve never been a liar

You’d get to me if you could

Lord knows I wish you’d try

This city muscle’s all on fire.

Order ‘The Venus Lyx’ EP on CD or digital download:

Order ‘KYHOMF’ on 7″ vinyl:

Check out the other three videos at these links…

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