One of LTW's tips for this year are Velveteen Saints- the Glasgow based band whose rock n roll sounds perfectly formed. The young band have great songs and the sharp and angular look of a true great rock n roll band who can walk it like they talk it and are a timely reminder of all the great young bands out there. I saw them support Mick Jones and the justice band in Glasgow in 2011 and even then they were honed but have been working hard and sound really great now.


The Manchester/Oldham based Twisted Wheel, now a ferocious 4 sounding 4 piece, and returning to the frey after some tome out will be supporting them as a warm up for their own headline gigs. It's great that Twisted Wheel are back- they were once the great hopes and were burned by the music industry but never lost their big following and are rising like a phoenix from the dead- this looks like a pretty exciting gig!


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