new band of the day- Velveteen Saints

new band of the day- Velveteen SaintsVelveteen Saints

Kendal Calling festival

Live review

July 2013

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With rollercoaster quiffs and classic songs that sound like rock n roll anthems that mash up girl group greatness with brilliantly sullen Jesus And Mary Chain Glasgow cool, the Velveteen Saints are a band that could capture teenage hearts with their attitude laced songs.


I first saw them eighteen months ago at their first ever gig and they have not been wasting their time since then. They have honed down their already perfect beat into something quite special. These are yearning songs that capture all that is great about the classic canyon of guitar music that stretches back through the decades. They have a raw power balancing neatly with their knack for pop perfection and sound like the soundtrack to the new millennium teenage experience wasteland UK.


Their Glasgow cool is all there- the great looking guitars, the perfect hair piled high like victorious pompadours harbingering a new ago of great young guitar gunslingers across the UK. Glasgow was always great at this kind of thing, sullen kids with rock n roll in their veins, they have the cool and also the love of the classics to make the past sound like the future and make guitars sound like machine guns with these ramalama songs of love and fury.


It’s another great set from the band, the songs sound like pure gold and the vocals have that rasping intensity and yearning emotion that intertwine with their great melodies to create that perfection and still more proof of just how many great young bands there are out there like Manchester Delaplains and a brace of the acts that Alan Mcgee has been signing.


Right here, right now, though. it’s the Velveteen Saints that are kicking out the james…






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