Vegan Black Metal Chef releases ‘Year 1’ DVD compilation

Vegan Black Metal Chef releases ‘Year 1’ DVD compilation

Having recently reported that Lydia Lunch is to publish a recipe book (LTW News) we were understandably excited; however Mama Lunch uses meat in many of her recipies so the book would not be of much use to LTW boss John Robb.

In the past we have championed the Vegan Black Metal Chef who for the past year has been posting YouTube clips of him preparing vegan meals in an extreme black metal style – if you haven’t seen any then you are in for a treat; the are equally informative and hilarious and have rightly become an internet sensation. Whilst the clips are very funny, and the resulting meals very tasty, not to mention featuring an excellent black metal soundtrack all entirely composed by the Chef; the Vegan Black Metal Chef does have a serious side…

The Vegan Black Metal Chef Project has 2 main purposes..

1) Help answer the question “what do vegans eat”/show vegan cooking in the most informative and fun way possible while making some great music to go along with it.

2) Help people bring consciousness to their lives and actions.

The first will be addressed with of course the videos and various articles under the “Feed Your Body” category. The second will be addressed with a series of articles and videos under the “Feed Your Mind” category. If you are at all interested in veganism please vist the VBMC site for further information

Below is episode 9 ‘Blackest Of The Black beans’

Now the first year of the project has concluded our favourite chef has gathered together all 10 episodes onto one DVD which is available for just $10 – now thats got to be better than yet another Nigella Lawson food as soft porn yawn.


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