Photo - Vasco croc shoutHaving supported the likes of Tall Ships, and drawing comparisons to he likes of Modest Mouse, Vasco Da Gama are definitely ones to look out for. They have a passion for playing live, and their new EP, ‘Geography’, is set for release on April 22nd. The band have given us the privilege of an exclusive stream of one of the tracks off the EP. It displays perfectly the bands muscular, angular sound, a sound which is popping off against tight catchy melodies. Check out the track below then read the interview Louder Than War’s Roisin Kelleher conducted with the band recently. Links to keep up with VDG news are at the foot of the page.

Hailing from Liverpool, Vasco Da Gama are comprised of John Crawford on guitar and vocals, Chris Lynn on guitar, Joe Falconer on bass, and David Kelly on drums.

Louder Than War: First off, how’s your year going and what are your plans?

VDG: All good so far, we’ve been finishing our EP and putting together a little tour to coincide with its release. Future plans are to carry on recording and gigging plus Lynny’s off to find his chi in South East Asia later in the year and David’s very excited about going to see Beyonce. True.

What inspired the latest EP?

Having no money, keyboard tones, chess, football, delicious ales, Joe, all the ace bands we’ve seen and put up, Prince, and being close friends.

What are your main inspirations?

We like stuff that’s dynamically interesting and we do love a good hook or two. The artists we all agree are amazing aren’t that many, but Why? and The Dismemberment Plan are bands all four of us love.

Photo - feathersWhat are your earliest musical memories?

David remembers seeing the cover of Michael Jackson’s Bad and not knowing what gender or species he was. The first album he bought was ZZ Top because he liked their beards. Maybe that says a bit more than the previous question about how important image is to David.

How important is image to you when it comes to promoting your music?

It’s not something we think about massively but it certainly has an impact and it’s important to us to have great artwork, which we’ve had so far thanks to some brilliant artist friends. Lynny’s started back combing his hair into a lustrous mane that looks pretty striking on stage.

Which other bands / artists are you loving in 2013?

Delta Sleep, Loved Ones, TTNG, Alpha Male Tea Party, Axes, New Hips, Love Among the Mannequins… Crash of Rhinos have a new album out later in the year which will be amazing, and the latest Dutch Uncles album is incredible. So many amazing bands around at the minute.

How do you think social media makes it easier/harder for artists to promote themselves?

It’s a massively useful tool for bands like us without many promotional resources but sometimes people place too much importance on things like how many followers you’ve got or how many people say they’re attending this and that event. I don’t think you can guage quality purely based on figures which sometimes seems like the agenda social media sets.

If you could each have any superpower, what would they be?

We’ll all have teleportation please, as long as we can teleport our gear too.

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All words by Roisin Kelleher. More of Roisin’s writing on Louder Than War can be found here.

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