Various Artists: The Definitive Antipop Compilation 2013 – album reviewVarious Artists – The Definitive Antipop Compilation 2013 (Antipop Records)
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Antipop Records is an independent record label based in Liverpool, the label is responsible for releasing much of the material from the current crop of the cities underground music scene; in addition Antipop promote gigs within Liverpool and more recently in Manchester with last month’s NoMeanNo gig at Sound Control.

With a label roster including Bite Back, Old Radio and LTW favourites Super Fast Girlie Show you would have thought they had plenty to keep themselves busy with; however with the release of ‘The Definitive Antipop Compilation CD 2013’ it seems they had some time on their hands; and having had this one blaring out for the last week we should be thankful they had.

The album gathers together a collection of unique artists from across the globe including Antipop favourites Bolshy, Vamos, Old Radio, Sheepy, The Probes, Elmo & The Styx, and The Stopouts as well as some others you may have heard of, and a few you will have wished you heard of sooner

What’s more is that the album is available for FREE

Get it as a Download from Antipop @ Bandcamp

Get the CD version – To order yours email with a name and postal address.

So what will you be listening to?

1) Billy Liar – Change (feat. Ed Ache) – Billy Liar describes himself as a “Scottish acoustic punk” – his last tour promo declared him to be an ‘Angry young man turned incredible storytelling acoustic punk poet’. This track is taken from ‘The Ghosts of Punk Rock’ EP, and sees Billy team up with his old mucker ICH’s Ed Ache for a rousing attack on mediocre bands and a yearning for music played with blood and guts passion.

2) Wonk Unit – Spooky House – Alex Johnson AKA Wonk Unit was described by Mudkiss fanzine “Alex Johnson is a one off. He provokes reaction. Poet, songwriter, performer, “tortured soul”, there isn’t much life hasn’t already thrown at him”…’Spooky House’ is taken from the album ‘Muffy’ – animated and anthemic songs about such daily occurrences as dealing with discourteous commuters on public transport before enduring another frustrating and monotonous working day on a building site. A skanking bone shaker from start to finish.

Various Artists: The Definitive Antipop Compilation 2013 – album review

3) Bite Back – To Those I Remember Birkenhead based, formed from the ashes of Instant Agony and M.D.M – Hocky, Richie and Rob tip their caps to absent friends with this raw, energetic and old school punk rock sing-a-long anthem. Taken from the 2012 Antipop released debut album ‘Bitten and Twisted’ (LTW review) which effortlessly made it into the LTW Top 100 albums of 2012

4) Vamos – Fives and Twos and Ones Irish punk outfit Vamos have teamed up with yet another drummer, this time Tony Tortoise (ex-The Dead Class) to record their second full album ‘More Songs About Circles’. This track sees them in blistering form. To be released on Antipop this summer, it’s guaranteed to be loud, fast, short and sweet.

5) Old Radio – Fall Like Rome 2013 promises to be a good year for the Liverpool 5pc skacore favourite’s Old Radio. The band started gigging in May 2011, and by June 2011 they had recorded and self-released their debut E.P. ‘Old Radio’ – taking influence from all corners of punk rock, they’ve recently completed a European tour and followed that up with the monumental debut album ‘Consume And Keep Smiling’. Recorded and released by Antipop and this track ‘Fall Like Rome’ is taken from it.

Various Artists: The Definitive Antipop Compilation 2013 – album review

6) Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies – The Dinner Ladies Are Go! Everybody’s favourite ‘Kitchencore’ band, fronted by the charismatic Pete Bentham (check the LTW interview) Pete and his Dinner Ladies serve up a tasty slice of garage rock with a topping of surf and a drizzle of (free) rock and roll. Taken from the rather excellent ‘Space Punks EP’ which was released to commemorate  Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin; the release marking the 50th anniversary of him being the first human to journey into outer space when he completed an orbit of the earth on 12th April 1961.  Out now on Antipop Records (LTW review)

7) Sheepy – You Have To Pay Sheepy is a pop-punk trio based in Liverpool, featuring Sheepy (Luke Jones) on guitar, Villy Raze (ex-Dead Class) on bass and Ollie Fontaine on drums. In a short space of time, the band has played across the UK and Ireland, toured Europe in 2012 and 2013, released several singles and gathered a lot of fans and hype along the way. Recent releases from label Blang Records have been gathering momentum on national radio and some TV shows like Soccer AM – This band specialises in quick-fire hits packed full of melody that blast out the stereo speakers. Sheepy, Ollie and Villy tell it like it is with this fuzzy punk song. This track is taken from the forthcoming album.

8) Bolshy – Every Little Helps They took the streets of Liverpool by storm with their endless busking and they set out to make an original EP with this the first track released from those sessions. More to come and the catchy hook is guaranteed to stick in your head for a week.

9) The Vermin Suicides – Gratify The band was put together nearly three years ago from previous members of The Dead Class, 0898 and Dutch Porn Thursday “a Frankenstein creation indeed” ‘Gratify is taken from the ‘Sick Sick World EP’ which follows their debut album Yeahman…It’s The Vermin Suicides’ (LTW review), this is a live favourite that combines the punk dub calypso sound and the full on punk vibe the dirty rat bastards squeeze into each track.

10) The Stopouts – Bank Robbers Liverpool based Ska-punks this one was self-released originally, The Stopouts first album ‘Vote With your Feet’ is better than anyone really thought…’Bank Robbers’ is testament to that. Stompy, aggro, brassy packed with tonnes of Oomph!

11) The Probes – Hybrid A Post Punk/Synth band from Liverpool who formed in late 2009 ‘Hybrid’ is a live demo recorded in one day exclusively for this compilation. An especially eerie track with all the glitches left in for added flavour!!

12) 2 Sick Monkeys – Sayonara 2 Sick Monkeys formed back in December 2000, as a live two piece bass and drums, primarily to support Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream) at a drum event in Swindon – they have now played over 700 gigs, including 8 European tours…Utter chaos from start to climax. Every bit of 2SM’s pin-point insanity is captured in this three-minute classic. A rousing send off as they say ‘see you later’ but thankfully keep coming back for more…they have threatened to finally release their second album at some point in 2013, we can only hope.

Various Artists: The Definitive Antipop Compilation 2013 – album review

13) Acid Drop – Halcyon Days Leeds based street and skate core band formed back in 2007, and named after an old-skool skateboarding manoeuvre ‘Halcyon Days’ being the opening track on their brand new album ‘The End Of Days’ on TNS Records, Halcyon Days sees the best of Acid Drop, huge choruses and thrilling beats.

14) Saul Godman – Queen Bee Pt.2 Solo project from the Metro Manila Aide singer and street busker; Metro Manila Aide’s Twitter page describe themselves as “worst band ever 8 years running” Taken from the Antipop album ‘Stutterin’ Saul Godman’ album, this acoustic melody is like Johnny Cash meeting Kipling on acid. It’s all good, man!

15) Flat Back Four – Reach for the Sky Completely reformed and almost unrecognisable, this track from the last FB4 release shows the speed and ferocity of the St. Helens bands’ unique punk sound, a collision of punk and metal with plenty of melody and sing-along hooks.

16) Liberation – Can’t See You Coming Wigan band that has successfully harnessed their own unique brand of Northern dub reggae – fronted by Joe Yorke, the tin whistle waxing lyrical leader of Liberation, it’s no surprise these boys are taking festivals and gigs by storm.

17) Carl Moorcroft – On The Road Folk / Pop Punk / Ska from the acoustic top drawer. Carl writes songs that are made for bands. You can feel and hear the energy in the track as he pours his heart into this travelling punk song.

18) NoMeansNo – Ghost of Time (remix) No introduction required – if it is, don’t bother asking for this compilation CD. A rare and exclusive version of a later NoMeansNo song which featured on their remixes album. Remixed by John Wright, it has all the mashed up textures of the original with a hypnotic quality. Amazing as always, years ago it would been socially acceptable to describe this as ‘far out’.

19) Elmo and the Styx – Milk A previously unreleased and massive live favourite from the lunatic trio of E.A.T.S; without doubt one of the strangest bands to crawl from the banks of the Mersey Milk is set to appear on the bands debut album that is yet to see the light of day, Milk represents their darkest, heaviest most sinister side. A banging rhythm from start to finish. And the disturbing chant of “Milk, I want your milk” throughout; don’t wait for the debut, get hold of their 5trk ‘Sexy Clowns’ EP.

Various Artists: The Definitive Antipop Compilation 2013 – album review

20) Fat Phace – Night Wire “We are a pop-punk band from the smelly old shores of Liverpool. We plan to systematically dismantle the delicate parts of your mother.” Speedy punk from the power pop quartet…they have been around for years but are back with added bite ‘Night Wire’ is taken from the debut 8-track album ‘Frontier Myths’ on Antipop Records.

Twenty tracks culled from the current underground, spread across a raft of styles though all linked by each bands fierce independence – these are the bands you should be supporting; this album is FREE so there really is no better opportunity to discover your next favourite band.

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Phil Newall is 47, from The Wirral - he earns his living not writing about music nor playing music...though sorely wishes he could. He was fortunate enough to see many of the first generation punk bands when they played the U18's matinee shows at Eric's, Liverpool. As an attendee at Eric's he was exposed to punk rock, dub reggae, art rock, and all manner of weirdness; as a customer at Probe Records he was variously served and scowled at by Pete Wylie and Pete Burns - he has written for Record Collector, Whisperin & Hollerin, and Spiral Scratch and wanted to write a book detailing the Liverpool punk scene; however with 'Head-On' Julian Cope beat him to it...and frankly did a much better job.


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