Vampires Rock @ The Music Hall Aberdeen – live review

Vampires Rock @ The Music Hall
23rd November 2012

Billed as “the show that bites” Vampires Rock is a flirtatious fantasy of rock anthems, comedy, sexiness and blood!

The storyline is a musical comedy set in the year 2030 at the live and let die club in New York, where vampires and the un-dead roam freely, The lead role, of Baron Von Rockula, was played by Steve Steinman who also wrote, produced and directed the show, in search of a bride, one day an innocent young female called Pandora wanders in looking for a job a singer at the club, little does she know that’s he will become Von Rockulas next bride.

What follows next for 2 hours is a sing along fest with music from Meatloaf, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol and Queen to name but a few, expertly played by the very Goth looking” Lost Boys “, with guitarist Jordan Bracewell playing like a man possessed (excuse the pun) taking of his shirt for the ladies and dripping blood all over his chest, the audience were up on their feet in no time at all

The Lost Boys provided lots of eye candy for the females in the audience but the men and women were kept more than happy by the scantily clad Vampire, writhing dancers. A special mention should be given to Bossley, Von Rockula’s moronic, risqué janitor who had a very funny role, in whole a great sing along night with a feel good factor show.

If you need cheering up, this could be the show for you, loads of old school rock anthems.

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