Vamos: More Songs About Circles – album review

Vamos ‘More Songs About Circles’ (Antipop Records)
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First off, this album came out prior to Christmas 2013, the danger with that, certainly for a small label release being that your potential audience are having to spend their limited funds on buying chart tat for family and friends – as such the release disappears from your radar which in the case of ‘More Songs About Circles’ would be an absolute travesty.

‘More Songs About Circles’ is the second full-length album by Vamos – headed up by the Irish brothers Tom and Vinny Vamos, along with scouser Tony T on drums (The Dead Class, Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies, Raw Bones, The Vermin Suicides, and Wonk Unit) they have finally committed these frankly rather brilliant songs to record.

Opening with the storming ‘Fives & Twos & Ones’ Vamos instantly out their stall, and effortlessly demonstrate that you can craft simple and effective songs built around a basic three chord structure.

The 11-track album features songs about racing stock cars and pirate radio stations ‘Rascal Radio’, which brims with a bass heavy energy, whilst ‘Pikoskull’ recalls taking strange drugs and surviving to an insanely bright and bouncy beat, the 1min 30 straightforward head rush of ‘Plazzy Girl’ will see you hurling yourself across the room an inane grin plastered across your face.

Vamos have elements of say Billy Childish that collide with 3-chord purists Eastfield; the music instantly grabs you, it delivers in a simple sucker punch; you get it first time, there is no need for second listens, for deep thought – Vamos are a spark of absolutely live energy and utterly compelling.


The ethos of Vamos may well be simple songs but with ‘Circles’ they have assembled a collection of fully realized dangerously catchy songs brimming with relentless energy; check out ‘Animals’ which by the time you realise what’s happening has already finished; 52 seconds of brash punk pop noise which then careers into ‘Bass And A Stage’…”Hup two three four” – love it!!


1. Fives & Twos & Ones
2. Moving
3. Hands
4. PikoSkull
5. Plazzy Girl
6. Gun
7. Rascal Radio
8. If You Think
9. Animals
10. Bass & a Stage
11. Sandwiches

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