V Festival Announces Bill…It’s Very Pop…What Do You Think?

V festival has announced its bill and tickets are in sale this Friday.

It’s very pop…very, very pop.

Is the counter culture gathering that once signified the festival now truly over and V just mapping out the future? Should a festival have to be loads of blokes with guitars? or is Jessie J going to be more fun?

Instead of the current trend of having one or two ironic pop acts chucked on the bill which V itself started, it has gone the whole hog and pop dominates with a strand of indie squashed in there somewhere.

No one can complain about the magnificent Beyonce headlining- that would be like seeing the Supremes play Woodstock but the there are also ‘bands’ like the Script who are not in the same division and there are other examples of dull modern Cowell pop and corporate knitwear pop all over the bill.

What do you think? Should festivals be ‘rock n roll’, was V festival ever rock n roll? After all this is the festival famous for having soap stars and minor celebs that you had never heard of backstage in their designer wellies.

Should the music fan be more broad minded and get really excited about the opportunity to see the Script? Despite criticism are indie fans more tolerant of other musics? It’s not like you get guitar bands on at big pop events…is this the future of festivals?

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  1. @louderthanwar What did you expect? Gets slagged off but at least they know their market. Look at the clusterfuck of Leeds/Reading et al.

  2. RT @louderthanwar: V festival announces bill…it’s very pop…what do you think?: V festival has announced its bill and… httpss://t.co …

  3. No No No, don’t be nice to the twats… Festivals are becoming the sad equivalent of 4 music, shovelling the same safe hyped fucking suspects on us… It’s horrible. Bollocks.

  4. @louderthanwar The #CorporateMachine aka festivals has been ripping music fans off for years with #BlandBands & exhorbitantly priced tickets

  5. There are plenty of great festivals out there for people who like folk, indie, rock, metal, punk, dance music etc – why shouldn’t pop fans have one too?

  6. V Festival has always been pretty lame. Nothing wrong with a splattering of good pop music, but The Script? Jessie J? Olly Murs??? As you say, ‘Cowell pop’ seems to be getting everywhere… These acts already dominate the airwaves and TV screens with little support for real bands or real artists. I think festivals should be doing their bit to push real music… the kind that lasts, inspires and creates great memories.

  7. I think a lot of the big festivals are targeting teeny bop kids, who once upon a time would have went to the Smash Hits tour. But Mel C played at V fest in 1999, All saints played on the main stage a few years later, pop has always been there. It just now seems the main factor.

  8. I’ve been a few times as Chelmsford just down the road,last year was brilliant but purely because of Noel and the Roses.
    Was shocked when i read the line up last night,looks more like a cross between T4 on the Beach ana Radio 1 Roadshow, still will save me £100 on a ticket and the dilemma of wether i should go or not so not all bad news!!

  9. last year was relatively mainstream indie – we saw twang, inspirals, rev and the makers, charlatans, keane, tim minchin, noel and the roses. Apart from one of two exceptions there’s nothing here.

  10. Nobody forces anyone to go. Same weekend I’ll be at Beautiful Days Festival. It’s called choice. I chose not to be sold mobile phones for 72 hours.

  11. shocking is the only word i can think of, but is that because i’m getting older and music is changing, am i know sounding like my parents ” music was better in my days ” …..has the whole festival thing changed to encourage the youth to go ….

  12. Count me out. I couldn’t think of anything more dull than having to be subjected to so much pastiche mass manufactured dross. I’ll eat one of my Smith’s vinyls if this show sells out.

  13. I feel sorry for the parents paying for tickets and having to go with them. I hear Vendors will now be selling . Diet coke , MM’s, glow bands, . Sponsors are lynx and ugg. St johns ambulance will be running a crash course on how to deal with an over excited teenager!

  14. V has never been the kind of festival to appeal to the traditional festival goer. All corporate sponsorship and famous names, with no atmosphere or character. I shall be at Beautiful Days Festival that weekend, as I suspect will John Robb

  15. I’ll be watching largely new music at Beacons that weekend; as someone above points out there’s also Beautiful Days; and being August there’ll be small grass roots events across the country. I’m not going to sit and sneer at people whose taste is different from mine. I know people at work whose annual trip to V is something they really look forward to – and anyway, by booking a majority mainstream bill and lacing it with a few proper bands (the new music stage will, I presume, be announced at a later date; bands I know who have played in previous years include Exit Calm and British Sea Power) allows those bands a chance at a completely new audience as opposed to “preaching to the converted”.

  16. I blame it all on the fact there is no music scene at the moment…just shit manufactured pop designed to make money for the selected few, there needs to be a movement to inspire people to make real music, a subculture of fashion and music giving the youth a real identity. There been no such movement since the whole manchester/indie scene….sad really …they are all missing out

  17. anyone who parts with there cash to see this shower of shit deserves to be ripped off , there are way better festivals to go to.

  18. Sorry but from my perspective you’re the one who is missing out Jason: lots of younger people and lot of older ones too are out watching great bands night after night while you moan into your slippers that it’s not as good as it was in your day. The thing – and I’ve seen it among my own friends, being in my 40s now – is that people get it into their head they don’t or can’t enjoy any new music and this becomes self-perpetuating. You’ll never like a new band again if you don’t believe you will. And that’s fair enough, plenty of people are quite happy only listening to the sounds of their distant youth like our parents did, but don’t for one minute think it’s new music that has the problem. It hasn’t, it’s alive and well and doing just fine without you.

  19. The stereotyped festival image has become a parody of itself in the past ten years. Think of the people posing for pictures wearing wellies and flowers in their hair, the term festival chic has been in circulation for a long enough to acknowledge this. All V has done evolved with the times. They’ve seen a market where commercial pop isn’t really represented on the major festival scene and realised that there’s money to be made.

    As someone has said, at least they’ve made the conscious decision to go fully pop and you’re not faced with the clusterfuck that a line up like Reading/Leeds is. Just like V, other festivals are evolving at a similar rate. As festivals such as Greenman get more popular their budget increases and the lineups have a lot more ‘indie’ acts on than before. This years festival sees Band of Horses, Stornoway, Fuck Buttons and a shed load more. The festivals are still there they’re just evolving.

    Personally I’m more of an ArcTanGen, Festival Number 6 or ATP man myself so the line up for events like V don’t bother me. But for V to have acts like Jessie J, Olly Murs and even Little Mix on, it’s not the end of music as we know it, far from it. It’s the start of a new direction for the festival format.

  20. V has always been the festival for people who don’t like festivals. Seems it’s now also the festival for people who don’t like music.

  21. i live a mere 8 miles from V Chelmsford, and have not once been inclined to go there. I have rather gone the extra mile(s) to Glasto, Beautiful Days, Bearded Theory, Latitude, and even Rebellion last year.
    This year is no exception

  22. Its been a pop festival for the last 4 or so years, shifting demands with demographics. Late 90’s and onwards it geared itself towards the sort of music the yoof festival going types were into. They’re just doing the same now. The idea that last years was ‘indie’ because of the Roses, Noel etc is false. I went to Chelmsford for the Roses and the crowd for Example was 3 times the size of the crowd for the Roses.

    I’ve seen some cracking acts throughout the years at V including The Roots, Radiohead, Manics, Chemicals etc. I’ll probably never go again but I’m in my mid 30’s now, there’s plenty of other places that have them acts.

  23. Extremely poor line up, Who want’s to see beyonce? Will she need two stages for her big arse? Who cares, I won’t ever be going again, I think smaller more localised festivals are the way to go from now on.


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