Urban Voodoo Machine have been making a name for themselves on the festival circuit with their sharp suits, post Tom Waits fairground burlesque punk cabaret and great live shows…

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Q’s for The Urban Voodoo Machine
A’s by Paul-Ronney Angel ”“ Vox/guitar/banjo etc
1. Just what is The Urban Voodoo Machine?

The Urban Voodoo Machine are a London based 9 piece who play Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll.
2. I like the eclectic nature of the sound- from punk to rockabilly to baroque- can you explain your roots?
When I started the band I wanted it to be an acoustic band without losing the edge of punk. As a songwriter I’m influenced by so many styles ”“ most of them got 3 chords though, from blues to latin music, ska, , gypsy music, rock’n’roll, folk”¦.it’s all about 3 chords, a strong melody, simple but effective words ”“ and good trousers of course.
3. you once said your songs are from your ‘filthy life’ please explain!
I tend to focus more on the seedier sides of life when I write songs: sex/love. death/suicide/near death experiences, drink/drugs/rehab, lack of money, mental issues, being dumped/feeling shit etc basically: THE BLUES!
4. is it fair to say that you are a festival band?
Errm ”“ are you calling us hippies? Bloody hope not! :) Well, we have played a lot of festivals from Glastonbury, Bestival, Hyde Park, Latitude to Download (where we went down amazingly well considering we’re not at all metal) So I suppose you could call us that. Festivals can be very up and down, the good thing is that you reach out to audiences that would maybe not ever heard you otherwise and the bad thing is obviously the weather ”“ had many fine pairs 2-tone shoes ruined because of festival mud and still got some Glasto 2005 mud on my amp flight case!
5. is it important for a band to dress up…do you believe casual clothes mean a casual mind?
I believe it’s very important for a band to look like a band, we’re in show business after all and what you wear should reflect the music you play. I’ve never really worn casual clothes and therefore haven’t got much of a casual mind!!

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