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Dying on the Vine


Out now!

Dying on the Vine is the new single from Scottish-Swedish duo Andrew Montgomery (Geneva) and Leo Josefsson (Lowe).

Continuing on from where Solitude & I left off, a drum and bass tinged pandemic-era powerhouse, Dying on the Vine tackles the inescapable avatars of modern digital life. The pets, the food, the kids – the fake facade of the perennially perfect instagramable life. The hollow vacuousness of it all is skewered with a disdainful revulsion, but underneath it there is also the bittersweet admission that the object of the song’s disaffection is someone they still can’t quite leave alone. Not exactly a love song, more of a love-hate song.

Combining classic synthpop with 24 carat gold hooks and an unexpectedly brilliant spoken section, Dying on the Vine is another step into the more explicitly dance-friendly direction they have been excelling at recently and long may it continue.

Also, there is a decidedly spooky looking cat in the cover art and that can never be a bad thing.


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All words by Susan Sloan. More of her work for Louder Than War is available on her archive. Find her on Instagram as @thesmureviews and view Susan’s website here.

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Short, Scottish, genre-eclectic.


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