Un-Convention: Upstairs on the Curry Mile
Un-Convention: Upstairs on the Curry Mile
Un-Convention: Upstairs on the Curry Mile
Sunday 11th November 2012
12noon ”“ 12midnight

Tickets: www.unconventionhub.org

Un-Convention will be putting on a unique festival upstairs on Rusholme’s Curry Mile- great to see LTW boss John Robb’s idea for a festival along the curry mile come to fruition with lots of hard work from Unconvention. This festival will happen in the nooks and crannies along the curry mile and fuse amazing music, DJs and special guests with the wonderful food of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Expect to hear sounds from around the world.

During the day expect discussions around S. Asian music in the UK by the leading industry experts intermixed with ghidda dance and dhol; beautifully decorated rickshaws; and sessions making your own Bhangra record sleeves.

Venues: Antwerp Mansion, Café Renoir, Havana Shisha Café and the streets of Rusholme.

Antwerp Mansion

12noon ”“ 4pm
Panels, debates, discussions
Plus Indian Street Food served all day with Chaat Cart

12noon ”“ 12:30 Future of South Asian music – as we move to mash up and post grime culture ”“ a keynote by Dr. Rajinder Dudrah (The University of Manchester) with thoughts from Bobby Friction (Radio 1).

13:00 ”“ 14:00 ”“ Curated by Punch Records
Tuned On: Breaking Down The Barriers: Rav, Dj/Radio Presenter/Artist (Panjabi Hit Squad), Sonny Ji, Reena Combo, Manga, Metz and Trix

14:00 ”“ 15:00 – Who cares about Asian underground? Nerm, Manga, Channi Singh

15:00 ”“ 16:00 – Cricket, curry and music ”“ a panel around the cultural exchange between India and the UK with emerging new festivals like NH7: with Zak Biddu, Stephen Budd, Martin Elbourne

12noon ”“ 15:00 – Bhangraphic! The Remix with Immigrant & HaroonK.
Workshop developed in partnership with Apna Creatives and Manchester Mela

A graphic design and music mix session with special guests, graphic designer Immigrant whose accompanied by Haroon K who will be DJ’ing an eclectic mix of South Asian music throughout the afternoon workshop.

South Asian bhangra album covers are an integral part of the British design and music movement. Bhangra album covers are quite eye catching and have a particular visual aesthetic, capturing key community fashion trends that deliver a rewarding, atmospheric and rich aesthetic of the South Asian community experience of living in Britain post South Asian migration era of the1950s onwards.

On closer inspection Bhangra music artwork from the 1970s onwards features visuals and motifs that hint at how rich the British bhangra’s story actually is, communicating a very detailed experience of South Asian people and their multiple identities that are embedded in both their song lyrics and the actual music that has been made, items that equally appeal to all audiences informing us of the classic story of diverse Britishness thats being explored and celebrated as part of Unconventions Curry Mile Bhangraphic workshop and more recently as part of the Apna Creatives programme of Manchester Mela, the largest South Asian outdoor festival in the North West region.

Festival line-up

Antwerp Mansion
11pm: Bobby Friction
10pm: Symbiz (Berlin)
9pm: MCs Metz n Trix
8pm: Punjabi Hitsquad
7pm: Martina Topley-Bird
4pm outside: Sikh Youth Dhol Academy Players
12noon ”“ 4pm: Panels, Making Bhangra Record Sleeves
Chaat Cart and rickshaws

Havana Café (5pm ”“ 9pm)
Virsa (vintage Bhangra performance)
Virsa Ghidda Dancers
Satellite State Disko ”“ vintage film footage from India, Middle East and Roma communities in the Balkans.
Upasana Bharatanatyam dance group

Café Renoir (7pm ”“ 10pm)
Ajah UK
Aziz Ibrahim
Jesse from Gorrilaz


Un-Convention is a social enterprise based in The University of Manchester. Un-Convention is a grassroots, DIY and independent global music community and a series of events and initiatives crowd sourced from its community. It is un-conventional in its approach, locally driven and globally connected. It seeks to inform, empower and reach those with the least opportunity. The community is driven by a not-for-profit initiative that sees opportunity for the grassroots in changes to the way that music is being produced, consumed and sustained. Un-Convention understands that the most interesting stuff happens on the margins. Un-Convention doesn’t believe in ”Ëœdo it yourself’. We believe in ”Ëœdo it together’. We facilitate and support music as a tool for social change.

Over the past 3 years, Un-Convention has delivered 34 major eventsaround the globe, spanning 6 continents and 16 countries and has another 20events planned for 2012-13. Un-Convention happens over five continents and in cities from Swansea to Sao Paulo. Un-Convention annually involves 1,500 artists and bands, 16,400 participants, 36,000 gig goers and 140,000 people online. Of those attending Un-Convention, 40% of people are from disadvantaged backgrounds. It happens in some of the most amazing spaces including The Roundhouse, Auditorio Ibirapuera, and Rusholme’s Curry Mile; and as part of some incredible festivals like Primavera Sound, Eurosonic and MICA.

Un-Convention develops initiatives suggested by it’s global community of musicians, creatives and entrepreneurs, such as the development of a touring network; sharing models of best practice; development of music cooperatives in places like Uganda to bolster the music industry; international mentoring schemes and a music equipment recycling scheme.

Un-Convention has responded to a changing musical landscape and developed an innovative global infrastructure of the future music industry. It is an example of cutting edge cultural ideas and innovation on a truly global scale, founded in and led from Manchester. Un-Convention has an exceptional reach with the work it carries out and works with partners including The British Council, The University of Manchester, governments around the world and brands.

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