Ultrasound - "It's a family matter

Ultrasound - "It's a family matter

As the countdown begins to the release of the their colossal third record, Ultrasound have dropped a film for their first single to come from Real Britannia.

Kon-tiki tells the autobiographical tale of youth, growing up in the ’70’s, being different, unaccepted by your family, of escape, of release. Interpret it as you will, but the directing talent that is Andrew Rutter has taken the theme and run to the hills and lakes with it.

A cinematic tour de force, it depicts a boy who wishes he was a girl, set back when even the thought of a transgender person was taboo. A post war father, looking down his nose at the remains of varnish on his son’s nails, a sister, comrade in arms and blood, looking protective and concerned. It’s a stark and sad document about the turmoil of feeling you don’t belong in your own skin.

Beautifully shot, all done for the love of the band, it’s a stunning introduction to the record, two sides of reflection and nostalgia but startlingly prescient depictions of Britain.

The album is out next week. See the film below.

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