chumbawumba 'Tubthumping' used by UKIP
chumbawumba 'Tubthumping' used by UKIP

You know how we always laugh at political types totally misunderstanding a band’s music and lyrics then using it for their rallies – even if the band’s intention is the opposite of theres…

chumbawumba 'Tubthumping' used by UKIP
chumbawumba 'Tubthumping' used by UKIP

Well here’s the best one yet.

Chumbawumba, the Leeds based anarchist band who have a long line in subversion and political comment of anarchist leanings have been selected by Nigel Farage’s slightly strange party of right leaning euro sceptics.

Chumbawumba are, of course, a bit outraged…

Band member Dunstan Bruce said his reaction to the news was one of “total and absolute outrage and horror”.

He suggested that the party must have been unaware of the band’s background. “This song being used by Ukip is so wrong. I am absolutely appalled that this grubby little organisation are stealing our song to use for their own ends. It’s beyond the pale and if they use it again we will consider legal action.”

You think someone from UKIP would have have googled the band before selecting the song…


  1. A fine example of just how ignorant USKUM really are….but the scary thing is that people still vote for them despite everything they do….I despair.


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