Uk Subs Statement Over Accusations Of Their Having A ‘Nazi’ Support BandThe recent gig by the UK Subs at the Witchwood in Ashton has exploded into controversy after an intense argument on Facebook over the support band, Pressure 28, who many people consider to be a Nazi band. Allegedly there is much evidence to support this accusation, and the fact that Pressure 28 are a ‘blood and honour band’ (a neo-Nazi music promotion network) only serves to back up the assertion.

Initially the Subs drummer posted a statement (which has since been deleted) saying that it was ok to play with any bands regardless of their politics, and since then UK Subs have refused to acknowledge any evidence that Pressure 28 are Nazis. Until now.

The above led to UK Subs being accused of all sorts – which as anyone knows the band can testify is rubbish. So to clarify this argument UK Subs bassist Alvin Gibbs has offered the following very eloquent statement on the UK Subs facebook page


“OK, usually I don’t get involved in disjointed, sporadic, ill-informed debates on Facebook but when your band is being accused of being Nazi sympathisers and thereby by implication I find myself being tarred with the same brush it’s time to hit a few keys and defend the honour and integrity of the UK Subs and point out a few ‘facts’ to the perpetrators of this ridiculous theory.”

“First off, in the 33 years I’ve been associated with the Subs we have never deviated from a collective point of view that has been anything but clearly anti-Nazi. I, as member of the band, have played at least 20 anti-Nazi events around Europe in recent years including performing on the back of flatbed truck in Italy while Fascists hurled insults and pieces of paving stone at us when we disrupted their rally.”

“Listen to our lyrics and you will find copious amounts of evidence to support our conscious intensions to act on Nazi theology and the spread of other totalitarian systems (of the left or right) in the same manner as kryptonite acted upon Superman. Surely my self-penned song on the new album ‘Coalition Government Blues’ demonstrates that we are not even conventionally right wing!”

“On a personal level it’s well known that I’m half Portuguese, with my mum’s mother being Brazilian and her grandfather having been a black emancipated Brazilian slave. When my mother remarried after divorcing my father she took a husband who was black Jamaican. He was one of the finest, kindest men I’ve ever met in my life and my sisters and I loved him dearly… unfortunately he died of cancer in 2002. Together we would go to see Palace play with his Caribbean mates, drink together in the South Norwood pubs and attended parties where white & black mixed happily.”

“During WW II my great uncle helped liberate Belsen concentration camp. There he met & eventually married my great aunt Ghuter who was the only member of her Jewish family to emerge from that terrible place alive. She became a very close member of our family. There is not a racist bone in my body & anyone who knows me knows that. Why then, with my mixed-race genealogy and hatred of racism, would I choose to play in a band with Nazi sympathisers? The answer is of course the accusation is both foolish and beneath contempt.”

“Let me now deal with how this ‘theory’ evolved: yesterday we played a show in Ashton-under-Lyne. The promoter had booked a support band that we had no knowledge of. The bass player of this band, Pressure 28, asked to use my amp, which I refused because we now have a blanket policy of not lending gear to supports due to too many bust speakers and other problems in the past. Anyway, Jake, that was his name, was fine about that & I explained how he could play directly into the PA using his monitor as a speaker, for which he thanked me. The rest of the band were polite and friendly. They were evidently skinheads, but so what, punks & skins should be comrades and we welcome none punk bands of any genre to open up for us.”

“Jamie then got a report from someone on Facebook that they might have Nazi associations. I spoke to Jake after their soundcheck and he told me his ex-girlfriend was Caribbean & how he thought it was great that a skinhead band that he’d met in the USA, The Templar, had 2 black members, being as this was a rare occurrence . This was an intelligent, articulate and rational guy who was evidently not racist. I did not speak to the other members but they behaved with respect and politeness towards us and the audience that entire evening. There was a fair few skins there to see them and they equally acted with respect and mixed happily with the punks and others in the audience. I listened closely to their lyrics for signs of a far right agenda but there was nothing at all to indicate they were in any way promoting views that we would have found risible. They even played a version of Secret Affair’s ‘Time For Action’, a pop Mod anthem and hardly a white power call-to-arms.”

“During our set Jake spend the entire time dancing around in the mosh pit with the punks, helping up the fallen and enjoying the music. Someone then Facebooked Jamie to say their name was somehow contrived from a ‘known’ Nazi lexicon, when in fact it nothing more than the tyre pressure of a well known Italian scooter! If you go to their webpage you can see there is no suggestion of an association with Right Wing causes & they claim to be simply a skinhead oi, Cockney Rejects, type outfit. But of course none of this satisfied the minority hysterical contingent that inhabit planet Facebook. So, let me makes this plain and simple: We would not choose to play with a band with a Nazi agenda and/or affiliations; but based on the what I saw and heard this was no Nazi preaching outfit. Of course, I cannot ascertain the personal political theology of each individual member, but it’s in the behaviour and what I hear and see for myself that I make up my mind not from the rumour mill of the social media. I can’t fucking believe I’m having to defend the UK Subs and myself against charges of being Nazi tolerant. What band recorded and released a song entitled ‘Nazi Cunts’? It’s time for this irrational and unnecessary ‘debate’ to end so we can all move on to more pressing issues that need our attention in the real world. A.”

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    • That poem is shit and completely misses the point. Fucking banal and idiotic to think that when someone raises an issue that they have nothing else in their life to be concerned about. Grow a brain please, or as you say – ‘look at the bigger picture’ ….. How rotten does ‘one bad apple’ have to rot? Is over 20 years active involvement in combat 18 & the BNP enough? Just because the P28 singer doesn’t sing about ‘politics’ in P28 doesn’t make his nazism or his band acceptable. Accusations against the UK SUBS has been in relation to the drummer’s comments on the internet after the gig such as – ‘we’re not political’, don’t tell us who or who not to play with etc …. coming from a band that has a song against nazis. WTF.

  2. Although I have no doubt in Alvin Gibbs statement and the fact that The Subs have no link whatsoever with the far-right it is unfortunately well documented that the singer of Pressure 28, Kevin Gough, is a well-known supporter of the BNP and Combat 18 who frequents nazi gatherings and gigs. (reported in renowned anti-fascist publications Searchlight and Hope not Hate) I in no way blame The Subs for this but they should be very careful in the future especially when they are tipped off about these things.

  3. I was relieved when this statement finally appeared though I never doubted that the Subs were not fash , I think Io know them well … Jet being Japanese ? Charlies partner being Japanese etc etc …was gutted to hear they played with a Nazi skinhead band , am so relieved it was not how it looked , It divided friends and people I have great respect for , I think the Subs should have cleared it up much sooner before it escalated , I saw similar things in the clash between Colin conflict and Steve ig a few years ago all fuelled by facebook and such , I do understand everyones points of view apart from the fash, I don’t agree that politics should be kept out of music … I do believe with all my heart that racism should … Real Punks should be united in this NAZI PUNKS >>>FUCK OFF X

  4. Nothing has been levelled at Subs – we all know they’re sound, the problem was they refused to acknowledge that there was a problem giving a platform to people who incite racial hatred

  5. Alvin has now stated that they’ve reviewed everything they were sent and Pressure 28 won’t be on any more UK Subs bills – furthermore UK Subs will drop any gig where right wing/white power bands are playing. We’re not keyboard warriors, we’re people who will use all means necessary to spread the word to prevent racial hatred and violence going on, in the street, at gigs, online, wherever.

  6. UK was informed a few hours before the gig…Nobody says Charly and his guys are Nazis or have any sympathy for such dirt.But in this case, they were really ignorant and supported a second time not only Pressure 28, they supported even Kevin Gough and his sick mindset.And this is the problem.The punk scene will be subvert from rightwingthinking cowards if we support such guys.Punk seems more than listening to punk music…for me it´s a life attitude and there is no place for any racist mindset.

  7. UK SUBS played a gig. People had fun.

    I love when people quote other blogs or websites which are full of lies.
    If you repeat a lie people will eventually take it as being fact.

    If people know about Blood & Honour and Combat 18,
    then they will know these two organisations do not like each other.

    Pressure 28 took their name from a Scooter club that was set up in 1981.

    The front tyre pressure (psi) of a Lambretta Scooter is 28. The back tyre pressure is 34.

    We get people claiming the 28 in Pressure 28 refers to Blood & Honour.
    This is incorrect, but is used by antifascists to back up their arguments.

    If you use lies and factually incorrect evidence, than you have no argument.

  8. We find it highly amusing that the anti-racist’s are actually behaving more like the fascists they claim to oppose.

    Pressure 28 have never played for Blood and Honour and have never attended or supported any of our gigs.

    Yes, we do use “28” to represent B lood and H onour but with regards to Pressure 28 it doesnt represent that.

    Maybe if someone had even bothered to ask us they would have got the true answer, rather than talking and accusing bands of this and that.

    Blood and Honour / 28 UK

    • I find it highly amusing that an actual fascist/neo-Nazi group takes umbrage and calls people fascists for opposing fascists… talk about cognitive dissonance. And the other idiot with the false equivalency that if you oppose fascism you must support Stalin… I mean I know the right are thick, but come on

  9. got to love so called punks who hate the totalitarian right but have no problem with the totalitarian left which killed millions too


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