UK Decay to release new album

Post punk neo goth heroes UK Decay who reformed a couple of years ago to play some great gigs sent us the following statement concerning a soon to come new album…

So a just a quick end of term roundup from UK Decay HQ! As some of you will know by now we are well into writing our new studio album (in fact last week saw us decamp to the wilds of Oxfordshire to work up the latest batch of songs), which is all set for recording at the end of February. We’ve found enough pennies down the back of various sofas to fund half of it ourselves and have started a Band Pledge campaign to try and raise the rest.

You can find that at Pledgemusic/UK Decay, and you’ll see that there’s loads of exclusives on offer. Anyone who pledges £8 gets an automatic download of the album and if you can ”“ or even want to ”“ give more, you’ll find things like signed merchandise, the chance to drink beers with us or, if you fancy it, the opportunity to join us on stage to sing backing vocals.

Once the album is out we’ll be playing festivals and venues across the UK and Europe in 2012 and if you can help that would be great.

A percentage of funds raised will also go to support the work of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, who we’ll also be looking to help further in 2012.

Anyway, hope to see as many of you as possible in the New Year and thanks for all your support and fun over 2011!


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