Louder Than War Interview: UFOMAMMUTUfomammut are about to embark on the UK leg of what they’re dubbing their “Magickal Mastery Tour”.  A perfect time then, for us to collar the guys & ask them some questions about their career so far & what the future holds in store.

The “Magickal Mastery Tour” is going to be a trip down UFOMAMMUT memory lane. During the tour they intend to “excavate items from their pliocenic past” (or at least their fifteen year career) & will be “performing under a new light songs from Godlike Snake (their first album) to ORO (last year’s masterpiece), as thanksgiving to fans for their support and devotion”. All good then, and quite an exciting prospect for their fans.

The UK leg of the tour involves just three shows, starting in Bristol on Tuesday (1st Oct) & moving on to Leeds (2nd Oct) & London (3rd Oct). They’ll be joined on the tour by the “kings of rural metal dirge and harvesters of riffs” that are Zolle. Knowing UFOMAMMUT’s ability to astonish with their perfect amalgam of audio and visual psychedelics the whole promises to be quite a spectacle.

Check out the tour video below & the interview under that. Oh, and should you be in any doubt about it “UFOMAMMUT” should be pronounced in the italian way, so it sounds something like “oofomammoot”.

The questions were answered by the whole band, Urlo (bass/vocals), Poia (guitar) & Vita (drums).


Louder Than War: I’m sure there’ll be some of our readers who won’t be familiar with you or your ‘sound’. How would you describe the music you make?

UFOMAMMUT: Difficult question, it’s always different from the inside… I could say we are a sort of heavy psych thing, sludge sounds, distortion, magick potions and visuals and so on…

I believe your current tour is going to be your last for a while? Can you tell us why that is & also where the name of the tour came from?

This tour will celebrate 15 years of Ufomammut, so we decided to dedicate it to our fanbase, to the people that have followed us during the years.

The name has been clearly inspired by the Beatles, one of our all time favorite bands, and it’s related to what I said above… our music is in some way an alchemic magick vibe and we’ve “collected” our seven albums in the gigs we’re gonna perform on stage in the next weeks, it’s a sort of witch craft, and we’re, obviously, the masters of it :-)

And well… it won’t be our last tour for a while, it’s just that we want to focus on the next album once back home and then we’ll try to bring the MMT as far as we can.

I’ve never seen you live before so can you give me (and other people in the same boat) an idea of what it’s going to be like? I’m guessing loud? 

Well… ok that we talked about “witch crafts” but I can’t see the future… hope it’ll be a good show.
For sure very loud.

I guess an obvious question is how you’re going to winkle in a track off Eve (or ‘the’ track off Eve even as it was a one 45 minute track album) without each show extending to at least the 3 hour mark? Or maybe each show is going to be 3 hours long à la Swans?

Less is better… 3 hours is a little too much, especially when the music is a little heavy.

I saw Swans a few months ago in Milano and I was totally excited for the first hour and a half… then it was too much. So, I’m always of the idea that short shows are better.

It won’t be that short, but not that long too…

How easy was the process of nailing down a set list for the tour? Do you all agree on which are your favourite tracks? 

We listened to our albums and we played lots of parts and some songs we then put aside.

It’s been difficult, cause the more the songs are old, the most they sound far from what we do now. So we had to make ours again, playing them like they’d be new songs.

The first rehearsals were so strange… then now we’re totally excited to bring them on stage to see the reaction of our fans!

I imagine a tour like this is both physically & mentally exhausting, how do you prepare for it?

Well, to be honest I’m looking forward to being on the road. It’s surely heavy, but I think we’re lucky to be able to do a tour like this.

And this idea makes me stronger and motivated to play every show better.

You’re bringing Zolle over with you on this tour, can you tell us a bit about them & why they’re supporting you on this tour?

Poia and me run a record label called “Supernatural Cat”. Zolle is the last record we produced and they’re one of the few bands that excited us at first listen. They’re so raw and heavy! Really cool.

Then Marcello and Stefano are great guys and we surely will have great times and fun sharing stages.

You’ve been together 15 years now, what have been the highlights & lowlights of those nearly 15 years?

Highlights have still to come. Lowlights I don’t know.

Once the tour’s over you’re going to be working on a new album I believe, what’s that process like for you?

There’s not a rule. After the tour we’ll take a little break (I think we won’t see each other for a while…) then we’ll start in playing and thinking at the new album.


Oro was an absolute masterful piece of work. I’m excited to see where you’re going to move on to from there. Is it getting easier for you to come up with new material or harder?

Thanks. We’ll see how it’ll be… I think we’ll need to work on something totally different.

Oro, we were told “explored the concept of knowledge and its power; the magical stream controlled by the human mind to gain control of every single particle of the World surrounding us”. Have you got any idea what the new album’s going to be built on? Is it important for you that each album is built on some sort of solid philosophical foundation?

At now we just have a vague idea of what will come next. Oro came out last year and we focused on it for a lot of time, bringing it on the road a lot. Now we want to “party” with a summation of our works. Then, once we’ll be back, we’ll think about the future.

The artwork & videos associated with the band are always brilliant, is the “whole package” important to you? 

Poia and me are two of the three MALLEUS Rock art Lab. We mainly work on poster art realizing handprinted silkscreens. And obviously we’ve always taken care of all the aspects of Ufomammut, from record covers to the visuals (Lu, the third of Malleus is the mind behind them).

The artwork is very important for us.

There are quite a few great Italian bands around at the moment, can you name some we should be looking out for?

Morkobot, Zolle, Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, OvO, Lento, The Secret, Quasiviri and many more.

How do you go down in your home country? Are you as well accepted there as elsewhere, and do you have a favourite country to tour?

Italy is a little different, but it’s cool. Every Country has its cool reasons for playing there.

Right, that’s it I think. If there’s anything else you’d like to add this is your opportunity to do so. Oh, and good luck with both tour & album recording!

See You in UK!


Here are the remaining dates on the Magickal Mastery Tour.

01 oct – The Fleece – Bristol (UK)*
02 oct – Brudenell social club – Leeds (UK)*
03 oct – The Underworld – London (UK)*
04 oct – 4AD – Diksmuide (BE)*
05 oct – Römer – Bremen (D)*
06 oct – KB18 – Copenhagen (DK)
07 oct – Blitz – Oslo (NOR)
09 oct – Luttako – Jväskyla (FIN)
10 oct – Kuudes Linja – Helsinki (FIN) with Suma
11 oct – Yo Talo – Tampere (FIN)
12 oct – Nuclear Nightclub – Oulu (FIN)
17 oct – Progresja – Warsaw (PL)
18 oct – Bii Nu – Berlin (D)
19 oct – Keep it Low Festival – Munich (D)
*all dates with Zolle in support

UFOMAMMUT’s website is here. They’ve also embraced the social medias being on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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