U2 to release new album next month – anyone arsed?

Former stadium filling superstars U2- who have had their moments a long time ago but have seemed lost for the last few years/decades have a new album ready for next month with Songs Of Innocence being released on October 13th on Island Records.

The album sounds like an exercise in market research by the this of people working on it who include
producers Danger Mouse, Paul Epworth, Ryan Tedder, Declan Gaffney, Flood and a long list of others- did they manage to wrestle the mojo back? will U2 shock us?

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  1. Cue an obsequious wankfest over U2, as rightly warned against by a reader of Q magazine in a recently published letter! I suspect Q and plenty of others will give the album 5 stars whatever tripe is presented.

  2. The new U2 album is available for free for 5 weeks on iTunes. They’re pulling no punches with the marketing then…


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