Two White Cranes Radisson Blue

Two White Cranes Radisson BlueTwo White Cranes – Radisson Blue (Odd Box Records)

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The musical chameleon that is Roxy Brennan shows her softer, melancholic side with a wonderful collection of beautiful songs.

Two White Cranes better known as Roxy Brennan shows this musical chameleon in a wholly different light, one of the new Joanna Gruesome singers, member of the incomparable Trust Fund and a variety of other exceptional DIY bands. Her Two White Cranes moniker has her conveying a wholly softer, and delicate side.

As Radisson Blue opens with the perfectly crafted indie pop of So Much Water, yet Diaries is a much more sombre affair. As Roxy is in a much more contemplative mood, describing lost notebooks as lost people, these memories never to be repeated.

There is an undercurrent of sadness that runs through Radisson Blue, but Brighton seems to be a work of exquisite observational beauty. The beautifully stripped back nature leaving Roxy’s raw vocal exposed as her incredible lyrics shine through.

The melancholic Strange is by far one of the best tracks on Radisson Blue as Roxy laments about being strange, but the ever-present undercurrent of sadness is still so evident. The raw nature of the track, the soft lyrics coupled with her graceful voice, the lack of pointless production it’s a perfect track.

Resiliance seems to have that perfect indie pop sensibility about it yet there’s still a very raw quality to the track. However, there’s a fuller sound, akin to that of Roxy’s other bands, yet Resiliance is no less endearing that her melancholic heartfelt stripped back tracks.

As Radisson Blue closes out with We Grew Up, the album bows out on an altogether different note, a raucous ending filled with excitement. Reminiscent of the current American garage scene, the lyrics are filled with angst however this time gone is the sadness and the beauty replaced with a little rage. That said though it’s a perfect way to end.

Radisson Blue is an exceptional album, moving effortlessly between beautiful indie pop, to melancholic raw tracks heaped with heartfelt wonderfully sad lyrics. As Roxy Brennan exposes a completely different side musically with this captivating and exquisite record.


Two White Cranes can be found online here She is also on Facebook, and tweets as @twowhitecranes.

All words by Lee Hammond. You can check out more work by Lee at his Louder Than War author’s archive, he also tweets as @NapZap.

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