two 40 year old men jailed for attack on 22 year old ‘goth’ girlIn a sad echo of the murder of Sophie Lancaster two men in their forties have been jailed for attacking a ‘Goth’ girl on a tram in Manchester.

Melody McDermott suffered a fractured eye socket after being head butted to the floor of a Metrolink carriage and repeatedly stamped upon in October last year. Kenneth Kelsall, 47, and Gareth Farrar, 43, were jailed for six years nine months and two years two months respectively for what Judge Elliot Knopf described as an “explosion of violence.”

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  1. We really hope that Melody and Stephen can find some peace now following the sentencing of their vicious attackers. We wish them all the very best for their future.
    The SOPHIE charity has been in touch with Melody since the attack and they received support from our followers via the facebook page
    She wore her S.O.P.H.I.E. wristband in court today as a show of support for us.
    The escalation of attacks where victims have their heads stamped on is terrifying. It can be worse than if a weapon is used. There is no disconnection of the weapon and the victim, it is so damaging and as we know in Sophie’s case, feet killed her.
    We welcome the contnued support of Louderthanwar and your followers.

  2. Absolutely disgraceful, the sentences are not long enough. These are grown men attacking a young defenceless girl half their age and it could well have been a murder charge.


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