It’s the hardest thing to do in the world for any music lover – come up with your top 10 favorite albums but we all know it’s a snapshot of a moment and a fascinating one at that.

The Twistettes are one of our favorite upcoming bands at the moment that’s why they will be playing with the Membranes playing Glasgow ABC on Sat Dec 9th with Reaction also on the bill – all details of the gig from here.

The Glasgow duo are made up of the D’Arc sisters were described by LTW; ‘They are a punk band, but no ordinary punk band – its howling vocals, drum and bass…that’s it, all other excesses discarded in favour of some of the most primitive sounds…thrilling’

Here’s their Top 10…

‘Deciding what to include in a list of top ten albums is not easy to do! To be honest, mines probably changes on a day to day basis! To help narrow it down a bit, I’ve tried to create an honest list of what albums I think may have particularly influenced The Twistettes. Nicky and i both made a bunch of suggestions quickly, off the top of our heads. There are so many more but these ones are pretty integral. In this I mean both in their own right as pieces of art but also in where they lead us…whether that be to other amazing artists that we would potentially not have discovered otherwise or, a style of playing or even a way of listening.

PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey – Rid Of Me 

PJ Harvey is one of my all time favourites. She is fantastically talented and just releases album after album of beautiful, hypnotic and edgy music. Her songs touch something primal in me. There is something wild and hedonistic about her while remaining fairly mysterious and elusive. Its hard to pick a favourite album but this was the first one i heard and it just blew my mind. I feel its written with honesty and brazen truth. This album really encouraged me to write freely…to be odd, to be unusual and to be carefree in this.

Nirvana – In Utero

Both Nicky and I are massive Nirvana fans. We were a little young to experience them as they hit but quickly fell in love with the sound as soon as we heard it. All 3 albums could be in this list on different days but I’ve gone for In Utero as it’s probably the one that influences The Twistettes in style most. Its got such a cool gritty stripped down production while being fuelled equally by blazing riffs and catchy hooks. this is something we really held onto in writing our both our first album, jilt the jive.

Blondie- Parallel Lines

Debbie Harry has to be one of the coolest people on the planet. I love her style and her vocal delivery is second to none. I know this is the total pop album but I’m a sucker for a pop hook and every tune on this remains ear-worming its way around my head for days after listening. this pop sensibility is an element of what the Twistettes do that has definitely taken influence from listening to this album. I also love that they were the kind of joke of the punk scene with people laughing at them for not being ‘cool’ enough then they go and blow up. punk is doing what the fuck you want…not conforming to another set of rules laid out by a different set of guys.

Prodigy – Music For The Jilted Generation

As far as punk goes this album is one of the best in my mind. We both love dance music as much as we love punk and I remember first hearing voodoo people and thinking – what the hell is this beautiful noise! Liam Howlett creates a very industrial, hard sound with a fantastic raw energy that’s emphasised by the additional vocal charisma. I’m also a DJ and the prodigy were one of the acts that inspired me to investigate dance music further.

Hole – Live Through This

Hole were the first band I got into that could be classed as ‘riot grrrl’ (though most would dispute whether they actually were). Till then most of the music I had been interested in had been made by men. If a woman was involved she was usually the singer. It was big deal for Nicky and I to see other women taking on the roles we performed in a band. There were other acts around that I now love who also had female members like Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland, Sleater Kinney, Elastica. At the time though, Hole were somehow more accessible to me. I could identify with Courtney’s coarse bravado and mocking sense of humour as being part of the community I grew up in…all be it in a different way. The songs on Life Through This meant something to me as a young girl that I’d never experienced from song lyrics before…they spoken to me and were about me.


Beatles – Sgt Peppers

Our dad was a massive Beatles fan and we used to steal his old records to listen to. Seargent Pepper was probably both of our favourite. And that was of a collection that contained Bowie, Deep Purple, T-Rex, The Clash, Bob Marley, Meatloaf, Elton John…and the list goes on. We used to put it on and lie on the bed imagining all the crazy scenes that they were creating with the music. Such great imagery…creating all sort of pictures and emotions. i know now that it was/is a big tripping album. i think a child’s brain has that ability all on its own. we had some ‘rad’ afternoons haha

The Slits – Cut

The Slits are just so cool. I actually didn’t hear of them for a long time and had been playing music for a good few years before anyone suggested listening to them. I’m not sure why it took so long because as soon as I heard it I was overcome with how influential they were. I think they’re a very underrated band who created exquisitely odd music that has massively influenced my taste and the style of the twistettes.

Foo Fighters – Colour And The Shape

This was the first album I bought from my own money that wasn’t in ‘the mainstream’, or at least it didn’t feel like it was to me at the time. I was skiving school and went into WH Smith (WH Smith isn’t exactly underground but it was all we had in Dunfermline at that point!) and listened to a bunch of albums I’d never heard of before and picked this. Nicky and I then listened to it constantly for months! this is actually how we got into Nirvana…through the Foo Fighters. And from Nirvana found so many other band like Mudhoney, The Melvins, Black Flag, The Vasalines. Maybe some of these ‘cooler’ more underground bands should be in our top 10 but this album lead us to so much it has such a massive place in our hearts.


Bis – Transmissions on The Teen-C Tip!

More a mini album or long EP, this is such an expertly disjointed, wonderfully simplistic cracker of a record. I remember being pretty young and watching Bis on Top of the Pop’s and being amazing that they were from Scotland. They seemed so edgy and different. As I got more into female punk music I revisited Bis and love the quirky kitsch-ness of their tunes. I think they gave an extra element of encouragement to me as a musician as they were Scottish and made music it’s identified with. It’s  just very cool female edgy punk pop tunes.

Rage Against The Machine – Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against the Machine will forever be one of the best albums to lose your shit to. One of the festivals we played over summer had a rage cover band on the main stage on the Saturday afternoon. we were so rough but that was exactly what we needed to get going again! So much passion, so much truth, it makes me tearful just thinking about how little things have changed since zac de la Rocha screamed those words though. Lyrically like and ice pick through the soul. The musicianship is so unique and interesting…everything about this album is thoughtful while being so rugged and rough in delivery. Amazing. They were probably the first band that we listened to that had such an overt political message…or at least, one that we could identify with at that point. We find it really important that our music carries some kind of  message and this is in no small part influenced by this album

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