Twisted Wheel night club to be demolished?

Twisted Wheel night club to be demolished?

Twisted Wheel night club to be demolished?

Twisted Wheel is one of the most iconic clubs in the world.

It’s the space that pioneered and saw the naming of Norhtern Soul when a London based journalist called Dave Godin saw and heard the different style of soul music the northern you there dancing to in the sixties.

The club is also the last survivor of the coffee bar culture from the sixties that dominated manchester night life.
It’s now Legends Night Club near the Piccadilly end of Whitworth St, opp the lovely old Fire Station. Both buildings are being looked at to being demolished and replaced with another of those functional, dull and instantly forgettable hotels that dominate the modern Manchester city centre.

There’s a petition to help save the club and some of the city’s heritage. Bland corporate chains are taking all the magic out of Manchester and making it one of the least interesting city centres in Europe and the culture that the city is celebrated worldwide for is being demolished.


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  1. Sorry but Url for petition is not working

  2. Manchester has always been one of Europe’s least interesting cities anyway. Who gives a monkey’s?

  3. Patrick McDonald

    I want the building to stay as it is its part of Manchesters Music history my Brother
    ( Wolf Montgomery)was a DJ there back in the 60s

  4. The Becks probably lives somewhere achingly cool like Ilford or Peterborough.

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