you're twisting my melons man! northern heroes Twisted wheel return...
you're twisting my melons man! northern heroes Twisted wheel return...

After time away writing and recording its a welcome return for Manchester’s favorite garage band Twisted Wheel, back with new album ‘Do it Again’ which see’s them hit the road for a full UK tour at the end of September, LTW talked to front man Jonny Brown about putting album number 2 together…

Poppi Love …from new album from the Saatchi gallery

Twisted Wheel

you're twisting my melons man! northern heroes Twisted wheel return...
you're twisting my melons man! northern heroes Twisted wheel return...

Twisted Wheel are back with a new album, about time isn’t it, has it felt like a long lay off for you

Good things come to those who wait did somebody say? The first two members were having trouble keeping the wheel rolling with me so i had to find some energetic tight arse kicking beautiful musicians to continue the band with. Having done this we had to do a tour just to earn some cash to keep us going while we worked on new material. This amongst certain things in my personal life made it hard to get album number 2 done when i would of liked to. It has felt quite long but at the same time we have grown up in the best was possible and experienced the buzz and thrill of getting the band back out there and leading the way in punk rock n roll once again. Somethings are meant to happen in life. Twisted Wheel are back its 2012 and were here to stay.

The recently released free down-load EP sounds great, where’s it from (is it a live recording)

This EP was recorded at night and day in Manchester for XFM. The bloke who recorded it (name unknown) knew what he was doing. We have had the tracks hidden away until we gave them out.

How has the song writing gone on the new album, has it been the said ‘difficult’ second album they say or did you have loads of tunes ready

No I actually wrote most of this album in 2 months and then recorded most of it in a week. The lyrics are not as fast and I would say there is more actual singing on it. One song is about my old neighbour who was the postmaster. After a few drunken nights playing my telecaster pretty loud through my park practise amp. I was actually playing a riff i had made up trying to pluck the lyrics out of the air when the postmaster started smashing all my windows of my flats door and tried coming through the door. To cut a long story short the lyrics for the riff then documented this night of madness. There is songs about sex, drugs, hard times, good times, death, love and more. Don’t want to give to much away.

How long ago did you start on the album

I cant remember exactly when it was haha we did most of it at The Chapel studios in Lincs and did some Vox and guitar overdubs etc at the producers studio in Sheffield. Crystal ship studios. We were at the first studio for one week and about the same at the later.

whats the overall feel, direction sound wise, just as punky as some of the first stuff

Its still got a raw punk vibe somewhere. 1977 flows in and out of the record but it swings a little more towards the stooges and mc5 with a more bluesy rock n roll thing hanging around. There is influence of David Bowie, The Beatles, Stone Roses, Smiths, The Clash, Bob Dylan and not to forget the Sex Pistols. I’d say this album is a more mature and wise twisted wheel with some beautiful laid back tracks to surprise you. Rock n ROLL punk fans do not worry its all there.

what about gigs this summer, you have the UK tour coming up don’t you, where else are you

Just Kendal Calling which we are really looking forward to. Anyone who has not been yet should go as it gets better every year and will keep on growing I am sure. It had a mega atmosphere and is interesting unlike some of the bigger festivals. 2013 will be the year to see us play the fields.

You’ve been together for about 5 years now so looking back in what ways would you say you’ve changed Jonny, as a musician, a writer, everything

I know were good now. I believe in it more than ever and i have no doubt were coming back to kick some arses. We are all much better musicians and my voice has improved loads. Ste is mastering the backing vocals also while my guitar playing is getting smart. I have filtered a lot of shite and i know what and who not to bother with now. I think i have found myself and I’m ready and raring to go. I am thankful so many people have stuck by us and confident we are going to do well and be appreciated for the band we really are.

and lastly, is it good to be back…

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