TV Smith and the Adverts documentary on BBC4 on June 1st

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Ask Ian Brown, ask Henry Rollins, ask anyone who knows what punk was really about and the Adverts will be talked about in glowing terms.

The short lived band were key to the first wave of punk with their short snappy songs and brilliant lyrics. Semi forgotten by the mainstream media they are finally getting recognition with a documentary film that will be shown on BBC4’s punk season where it will transmit at 11pm on Friday 1 June.

If you want to know one of the great stories from punk you have to watch this film. TV Smith still performs and is great to this day and his long term partner and former Adverts bassist Gaye Advert writes for LTW sometimes.

More information on the Adverts film.


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  1. Really enjoyed this programme, it was refreshing to see a band outside that punk inner circle profiled for once. About time that the Adverts singular take on the world of the 70s was looked at in detail too. And it had a happy ending!

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