TV Personalities- a celebration of British genius
cooler than John Steed- TV Personalities- a celebration of British genius

TV Personalities are one of the UK’s ultimate cult bands. They emerged out of the DIY end of punk rock with a psychedelic take on punk that became the blueprint for Creation records. ‘Dan Treacy started it ‘ Alan Mcgee told me the other day, and without Dan there would be no Creation, no Stone Roses and by extension a whole raft of British music. Dan is currently very ill in a London hospital and while we wish him a speedy recovery Daniel Djan celebrates his quirky genius.

I first met Dan at one of his own gigs back in 2007 or 2008, it was just after I’d moved to London and keen to witness one of my favourite bands perform live in one of those tiny London pubs-slash-music-venues that have been popping up all across town in recent times.

TV Personalities- a celebration of British genius
cooler than John Steed- TV Personalities- a celebration of British genius

I remember the performance to be shambolic, messy and mostly improvised ”“ or in other words: absolutely bloody brilliant.

After the gig I walked straight up to Dan to have a chat with the Man Himself and he turned out to be one of the nicest and down-to-earth people in music I had met up to that point. He told me funny anecdotes from the past, about staying up for days and playing gigs under the influence of various substances, about meeting all the famous rock stars I had been reading about in NME, Rolling Stones and, erm, wikipedia and let me drink as much Stella out of his rider as I could drink (so probably not more than a-can-and-a-half).

We sealed our friendship that night and I would run into him many times over the past few years in some of the most unlikely areas across London.

Another thing I found out about him that night was that he was in fact homeless and had been for quite some time before. I would offer him to stay in our student house in New Cross at the time, but he politely declined ”“ he would find somewhere to stay as he always does.

I just couldn’t believe what I had just heard ”“ Dan Treacy, lead singer and songwriter of one of the most influential rock band of the past 40 years homeless?
Alan McGee, The Futureheads, The Big Pink, Pink Floyd, Klaxons, The Libertines”¦ What reads like a Who-Is-Who of UK Indie of the past few decades is in fact a list of devoted practitioners of Treacy-ism ”“ a religion more satisfying and quite frankly, more substantial than all other major (and minor) religions put together.

In recently-released documentary of Creation Records ”“ Upside Down ”“ Alan McGee talks of his admiration for Dan and TVPS and how seeing his favourite band perform live changed everything for him and encouraged him to start his own indie label ”“ just like some decades later it would encourage me to take up a guitar, a bass, a keyboard or anything else within my reach to start up my own band and write my own songs. If there is one lesson to be learned from the teachings of Dan, it is: Do what you want, on your own terms, in your own time. Just Do It Yourself. The way YOU want it, without having to listen to what anyone else tries to tell you.

Dan is currently in coma after critical complications occurred after an operation. I got talking to his guitarist, TexasBob Juarez, about the possibility of putting together an EP of bands covering their favourite TVPS track to give away so if any bands or solo artists reading this would like to get involved, please get in touch with me

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  1. thanks for the update on Dan Tracey and wishing him to get better quick = it was responsidble for some fine music – still sounds good if not even better –
    ’till Liz and Rich got married again’

  2. As I am led to believe Daniel is not in a coma. He is on a life support machine. Without which he be unable to sustain his life. I am praying for Dan to get the urge to kick back in and retake his life. Please pray for Daniel.


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