The Salty Dog, Northwich
Sunday 4th February
Live Review

Tonight I’m gracing a music venue which is getting its name on the map on the music scene.

Lots of punk bands are hopping here on their way to Rebellion and getting the name Northwich on the map again. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not all about punk which is why I’m here tonight to witness two excellent new bands.

Edits are a Manchester duo who have been around a few years now and have that synth pop sound down to a tee. Liv and Chris are every part the pop perfectionists with Liv’s soaring vocals being melded into the excellent guitar playing by Chris. They are like the XX in parts but also have a bit of a Mogwai with vocals feel to them due to the skillful guitar licks on offer. Definitely ones to watch.

TV ME hail from Liverpool and convinced me to come and see them play. I listened to the track they sent, ‘Space Geno’ and loved the sound. They come on stage all proper synthed up and belt out some cracking numbers. Think Tame Impala, Temples, even OMD!

They have that Liverpool psychedelic imprint coming out of their pores and Thomas knows how to write a top tune. Great to see a Northern band with great songs getting out there on the scene. They have a new EP out called A Broadcast From TV ME which is an amazing introduction to a clever songwriter who will be around for a while. Trust me…

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I hail from North Manchester aged 47, now living in Northwich. Been into music since discovering vinyl at 4 years old, into all genres of music with a favourable slant to post punk. As long as it’s good I’m on it. Live gigs are what I’m all about and trying to give new bands a lift whenever I can. E-mail: wayneacarey1970@gmail.com. Blog: wayneacarey1970@blogspot.co.uk.


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