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Like Dominoes EP


Released on 24 April

Lancaster three-piece TV Face release a new EP, the first in a series of releases during 2020. Dave Beer reviews it for Louder Than War.

Angular is a word that crops up quite often in music reviews. It’s often a shortcut for evoking that twitchy post-punk type of sound. When it comes to describing music, words can be tough to come by. I’m reluctant to describe TV Face as angular, but when trying to formulate the sentences to  describe their Like Dominoes EP it is really hard to resist the temptation. Angular. It certainly has the type of sharp edges that might make it so. Cutting and jagged sounds. All jutting angles, no winding bends.

The Like Dominoes EP carries four songs. Each is a neatly cut slice. Poppy but sinewy. Choppy and scratchy. The sharp guitars reverb and clatter around, bouncing off the concrete pounding beats and chugging bass. The sneered vocals are echoed by a cynical sounding and deadpan backing vocal. Exactly what you might expect with song titles like Cold Potato Salad. That is what you get, artful finger wagging and a tightly-wound raucousness.


With one previous EP release back in 2018, the trio plan to release a song on the last Friday of every month throughout 2020. Like spreading an album over a year. That’s quite a work ethic. It’s not clear if the songs are already in the bag; if not then the band might end up with s set of tracks tainted by the times.

These monthly songs will be bundled into three EPs. The Like Dominoes EP is the first in this series of planned releases and comprises the first four songs released during the early months of 2020.

There is always something in a name, and TV Face is a good name. Sort of retro. Like an old but intriguing bit of futurism. An imagined future that never came. A Cronenberg film or some strange cartoon. I’m not sure. But the band name sets a tone, and this name sets a nostalgic yet purposeful one.

The Like Dominoes EP suggests that this could be an interesting year for the band. The planned year of releases gives a bit of intrigue as to what will come next: will the songs move in different directions?

At a moment when we are unsure what the rest of the year will hold, having some soundtrack to turn to will be important. A regular monthly release sounds like something nice and predictable. TV Face will hopefully be able to manage to stick to their plans, if they do then they will be a welcome distraction. Angular songs – if you’ll let me use the word once more – to puncture the malaise.

You can find TV Face on Bandcamp, Spotify and Twitter.

Words by Dave Beer

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