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Shooting from the Lip

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Entering the sound world of Tunnelmental is akin to flicking between the vinyl in a decent post punk and dance section of a 2nd hand record shop. I mean this in a good way.

Here we slip between digital dance architecture into On U Soundsystem, from PIL to Psychic TV, from 90’s big beat and rave to PWEI Revco and The Wolfgang Press.

Lyrically Shooting from the Lip moves from the personal to the political, walking the streets and thoughts of a divided Brexit Britain. This is music that could only come from this Island right now, it has undercurrents or disillusionment, the sound of anger and frustration, a personal and individual account of life right now for Nigel R Mitchell and Derek Pippert.

Tunnelmental here are creating a music of their own, out of sync and time with much of the music I hear right now. While borrowing heavily from the past though Nigel and Derek have brought these influences up to date and re-contextualized the past 30 years of listening to and playing music to showcase their own vision of now.

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