Soundtrack : Killing Joke : Pylon – only songs of apocalypse make any sense this morning…

1. The world is now orange. These are dark and dangerous times. Time to baton down the hatches. Watching the American election is a strange and dark trip – it’s like watching an election for your new leader in a country you don’t live in or get a vote in (despite paying tax when you tour there) for a president that will change your life and who has little understanding.

2. When all you can hang onto is that maybe the Trump campaign rhetoric was a bluff but probably wasn’t then you know you are in truly scary times. Will he now build the wall and make Mexico pay? it may have been a symbolic twitter style statement – like coming in from the pub trying to wind people up with twit-blat but it’s a powerful image for whichever side of the equation you are on. Which side of the wall are you now on?

3. It feels like the night Reagan got in but far worse.

4. Polarised by the internet everything is black and white – every opinion is magnified for maximum affect and then exaggerated by someone else. Everything is polarised. It’s a race to the bottom.

5. In these times of post politics anyone can have a go – Brand Trump is, in many ways, the perfect modern politician – he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. He stands for nothing apart from himself and everyone cheers. He is a champion of the ‘fuck you’ heart of the modern times. Like the odious Michael Gove said we don’t need ‘experts’. The 21st century has now arrived and old politics is dead.

6. Twitter politics – complex issues reduced to 145 characters. Manifestos made up of ‘yeah!’ or ‘no!’ or ‘me, me me…’ In many ways Trump is the rock n roll president – the narcissistic, selfish, greedy, whining, self pitying white male rearguard of old school rock n roll transported into the twitter age.

7. Celeb culture overload – fame wins everything. 21st century politics is now X factor politics played out in TV studios that resemble celeb culture world – all garish lights and scripted sound bites with face recognition and looking good on camera more important than doing the boring stuff like the paperwork. No-one believes in anything any more – conspiracy theories replace policy, confusion is everywhere and everything is a lie – the last truth is celebrity.

8. Which bit of a billionaire property developer is not ‘elite’ – disaffection with politicians and establishment is one thing but replacing them with billionaire spoilt playboy Trump is bizarre. The outsider schtick has really worked but Trump, like Farage in the UK, is hardly the plucky outsider. It plays well to a jaded, disengaged and summering angry electorate who rightly feel disenfranchised but come up with the wrong answer to the right questions and feel stuck on the outside but their new champions are even more ivory tower. All the Trump-talk of the blue collar worker is plain odd, he’s just another billionaire machine spreading false hope and hoovering up the dollars. He’s hardly going to end austerity or raise the standard of living is he?

9. Clinton was the wrong candidate  – when everyone you know says they are voting for a candidate as the ‘lesser of two evils’ you know you have real problems.

10. What next? prime minister Farage?

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/#inbox/15845b0a681b510f?projector=1

    America has said “No” to the New World Order Social Experiment.
    http://www.forcingchange.org – Carl Teichrib infiltrated all the various movements for NWO, occult gatherings, trans-human talks since early 1990’s. He first started to look at the roots of this NWO which is of course, freemasonry. “Inter-faith” and a type of thinking that AMERICA HAS JUST REJECTED TODAY. The United Nations has its own security force to achieve “Global One ness”. Hilary Clinton was 100% supportive of this.
    The American people knew this and said “NO” and voted Trump.
    The American people saw their education system change, to prepare the young for this ONE WORLD SOCIAL EXPERIMENT.
    They have said “NO” and voted Trump.

    What is the Common Thread that has been rejected?
    That mankind will ensure “Peace”, that this “one ness” will bring Utopia. This is a dangerous cult, but all danger comes disguised as “Good”.
    Danger doesn’t advertise itself. It cloaks itself in “One Love”.
    The United Nations claims that this ONE WORLD SOCIAL EXPERIMENT is the only hope for the future of the world. By voting TRUMP the American people have said “NO”…

    What is “ONE NESS?” Look up clips about the “World Economic Forum?” or the “United Nations.”

    Why do people in this cult tend to hate Christians, and write shitty comments about them in their books, (John Robb) and attempt to get the sheeple to sneer along at Christians, when at gigs. (Goldblade). ? Because the Bible predicted this 2000 years ago and Christians are at the core of the movement to make people aware of this.
    Christians know that when the ONE WORLD SOCIAL EXPERIMENT happens, there will be an attack on the mind, so much more dangerous than “opinion formers trying to get people to hate, in the name of One-Love”. Without the mind, and the freedom of the mind, what is left?

    One world order, one religion, one government, building babel, the entire predicted march towards bloodshed, that these “LouderthanWar” people are so enthused about… has been temporarily stopped by Trump, but long term it is still going to happen. We may not even know what they have done to our minds when it does.

  2. Huma’s agenda was to establish Islam as the main political force and she used the gullibles of the New World Order agenda, in order to do this. She was found out, before the election and as there is a very real death-count surrounding the Clintons, she fled for her life. But this is the main problem with the gullibles/one world cult. They are the gateway for a far more dangerous political message of Islam.
    Trump’s statement of warning about this was obviously misrepresented by the media, but the media has a globalist intent.
    Trump is no angel, but he has a life of fearlessness behind him, that comes when you are born with great wealth.
    Instead of sitting on a horse and chasing after foxes and smearing the blood of the mutilated terrified animal onto the foreheads of the children, (occult ritual?) like our wealthy classes, Trump decided to stop this war which the “One World” gullibles will inflict upon the world via their fake-untopia.

    Waiting in the wings is a dangerous middle eastern theocracy, and the One World Gullibles are saying to these people “Join us.. and we can live in sweet harmony”. Of course they are met with smiles and agreement, but at a certain time, the theocrats will take over and we will be under the stranglehold of it.

    If you try to explain to a One World Gullible that not everyone wants this Utopia… some people are indoctrinated to rule over others and to pretend to support One World is a way to do it.. they will do what they are programmed to do. Hop up and down on one foot and squeak “Wacist Wacist”…

    Nobody sees Trump as a good guy. But he is a guy who is rich enough to not have to kow-tow to the One World Left Wing dictatorship, as most people have to do. And that why he will temporarily cease this idiocy from the gullibles. But he can’t stop it.

  3. 5. In these times of post politics anyone can have a go – Brand Trump is, in many ways, the perfect modern politician – he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. He stands for nothing apart from himself and everyone cheers. He is a champion of the ‘fuck you’ heart of the modern times. Like the odious Michael Gove said we don’t need ‘experts’. The 21st century has now arrived and old politics is dead. (quoted from article above)

    And so here we have gullible-louder-than-warlord Mr Robb, getting it wrong again. The idea that Trump has “nothing to lose and everything to gain” can’t be taken as fact unless you can answer the question “Is Trump a freemason?”
    The One World Social Experiment is the child of occult freemasons… (just to side track, there is some excellent footage on the net of an old freemason calling for punks to be put to death, back the seventies, so for punk LTW to be supporting the masonic agenda is hysterically funny, but I digress.) …
    If Trump IS a freemason, … (and do you get that rich without freemasonry???) then John Robb’s statement is 100% wrong.

    If Trump is a freemason and he is standing up against the globalist freemasonry agenda of “one love”, then he has everything to lose.. His own life and that of his loved ones, for a start.

    If Trump is an freemason and standing up against globalism, then John Robb has got this totally wrong. Rather than being a “fuck you” to people in general as John Robb describes, he is saying “fuck you” to the One World Gullible henchmen, and if he is a freemason, then he knows exactly who they are, and how dangerous they are.

    If Trump is a freemason… and he has stood up against the New World Order Freemasonry agenda…. so as to change history, then he is brave. No angel, but brave.

    Recently, I nursed a prominent freemason towards his death and my heart was torn to shreds by that dear man coming to a slow understanding of exactly what is religion was… he literally gazed into the depths of hell and the horror on his face was heart breaking.

    So…. John Robb needs to understand that he can’t take freemasonry out of the agenda, during his rantings and raving against Donald Trump…. but as he’s a fully paid up gullible, I don’t think he will ever understand… unless he ever has to courage to take on board the ancient words “Ask and you shall receive… Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open unto you”. to replace the freemasonry “Oh, jesus was just a myth”… It takes courage to Ask… and very little courage to rage at a man who may well have been “louderthanwar” for real.
    I say “may” because we never really know what is going on do we?

    • Re joydivisionoverglovesforsale: I don’t know many Americans well enough to discuss their politics, but the only ones I do know (lovely people by the way) are evangelical Christians. They voted for Trump on the basis that he is the devil incarnate and will therefore speed up the second coming. If this is the point you are trying to make, it is the union of purpose of fundamentalist Christians and extreme Islam that the rest of the world needs to worry about, not the freemasonry conspiracy theory you are propounding. Or maybe I missed the point entirely and your 3 comments were ironic.

  4. When racist scapegoating and sexism take control it’s a bad sign. A very bad sign. First here with the brexit vote, every single one of the people I (unfortunately?)know personally who voted to leave did so purely on the immigration issue. Now the US has trumped that with another racially driven witch hunt. I feel sorry for the Mexicans. I feel sorry for women denied the right to choose what happens to their own bodies. Just like I feel sorry for the Jews who were scapegoated by another racist, sexist demon.

  5. Looks like Christian America approves of pussy grabbing, adultry, misogynistic, racist, money grabbing, greedy, foul mouthed Trump and you know what – that makes total sense. Here’s the Christian Post telling you what you should vote for him. Typical religious bigots.



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