trumpwillwin-notextOn this most depressing of days when America somehow appoints a tax avoiding, arrogant, bigoted, giant orange baby to be its president with all his dismal rhetoric and twitter tantrums it took Nancy Sinatra to bring him down a peg or two when reacting to the news that Trump had used her father’s iconic My Way for his first dance.

Nancy already made it clear that her father would not have supported Donald Trump, when she tweeted that her father, crooner Frank Sinatra, “would never support a bigot”.

So when a fan asked her how she felt about the reports that Trump had chosen his iconic song ‘My Way’ for his first dance as US President with his wife Melania, Sinatra had a cutting reply: “Just remember the first line of the song”.

‘My Way’ opens with the line “And now the end is near”.
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  1. John – don’t you think that a bigot is the type of person who forces the “One World No Borders” social experiment on a world that does not want it? Isn’t that the last word in dictatorship warmongering bigotry? Don’t you think that the Trump voters were saying “NO” to the “One World No Borders” iron fist of international Marxism, that has already murdered millions of people in the previous century and if Clinton had got in, would murder so many more?
    Trump is no saint. In fact he is disturbing. But if he can save the free world from the terrifying “one world no borders” dictatorship, then he stands between this point in time NOW and a future world war three, as people desperately try to fight off the truly horrible social experiment that you yourself support. Put in this context, Trump is the lesser of two evils.


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