Tropic of Cancer – Permissions of Love – EP review

Tropic of Cancer – Permissions of Love (Mannequin Records)
Available now

Carmella Lobo puts out another collection of lo-fi, dreamy shoegaze songs under the moniker Tropic of Cancer. 

‘Permissions of love’ is yet another journey that has you falling deeper into the rabbit hole that is the mind and world of Camella Lobo, the mastermind behind the obscure beauty that is manifestated into Tropic of Cancer.

Camella with the occasional contributions from John Mendez has been putting out various eps and singles from her Los angeles based solo project since 2007, that has since then gathered somewhat of a cult following in the underground dark wave and post punk revival scenes in the US and Europe.

Like a glittering and frosty cold shoegaze that holds elements of 80s dark wave not far off from the likes of Clan Of Xymox but with the bleak tribal minimalism akin to Section 25 and Belgium’s The Cultural Decay. Infused by the decadence and chaos of Rimbaud and D.H Lawrence, surrealism and Dada… it takes you through the various exploration of the psyche and the reality of our mortality and what is to come thereafter.

In the wake of such nostalgia, Tropic Of Cancer manages to take these immediate influences and morph them into something of a heavy and lo-fi dreamy drone pop with echoey washed out vocals and guitar sounds that reverb and resonate as if lost in a deep and watery abode. Atmospheres drenched in an icy chill but teeming with a subtle warmth. The brightest of lights, the darkest of shadows; this is the sounds of Tropic of Cancer.

Very very interesting ”¦.

The limited release of 500 copies is now sold out but you can still purchase a digital copy of the Permissions of Love ‘ EP for a whopping €3 which is available for download through the Manniquin label and mailorder.

All words by Sarai T. Nuy.

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