Tresor presents: KERN Vol. 1 mixed by DJ Deep – album reviewTresor presents: Kern Vol. 1 Mixed By DJ Deep (Tresor)
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Exciting and fresh new mix series of electronic artists from the Tresor catalogue, Louder Than War’s Simon Tucker gives us the low down.

So the lovely people of Tresor have decided to start to release mix CDs to showcase the old and the new in House and Techno. The aim of the series is to showcase the tastes and musical histories of the genres prominent producers and DJs.

First up to take us through their musical life is the Parisian DJ Deep. Deep is firmly dedicated to promoting the “classic” sounds of Detroit & Chicago House & Techno which makes him an ideal candidate to kick off the series. The man himself describes the mix as a “DJ diary” and as it contains classics, rarities, and remixes, this description is perfect.

The set opens with the “Music In My Head” by A.E.S. This is a great marker laid down by Deep as it instantly puts the listener in the right head space, and sets out his agenda instantly for what is to follow. Also, being a very rare track, this should get the genres fans onside and excited for what is to follow, instantly!

The mix continues to flow with choice House type cuts but it’s when we get to track 5 that things really start to get interesting. An exclusive track by Maan (Jackin’), is a much deeper track than what has gone before and here is where we start flowing into the Techno side of things.

By the time we reach ZADIG’s “Manic Mansion”, we are firmly into Techno territory. This is the deep side of dance music and where the foot really should be tapping.

Another early highlight is Armando’s “151”. A beautiful slice of Acid Techno that, I must admit, had my mind wandering back to my youth and the glorious nights / mornings spent dancing in sweaty clubs.

We stay in this vein for a few tracks, then, just as you think Deep might start about bringing this to a euphoric and lighter end, he drops Jonas Kopps’ – Reinforce. This is pure Techno and not for the feint of heart. Deeper and deeper we go……

By the time we come to the last track, the rare “III” by Deepside, we are back to Acid territory and a sense of returning to the root of it all.

So how does the mix stand up as a whole?

DJ Deep has really delivered on what he set out to achieve. This mix is a perfect blend of nostalgia and forward thinking. It is constructed perfectly and takes the listener on a (warning, I’m about to use the dreaded “J” word) journey which is what all great mixes should accomplish.

Everything is well thought out and perfectly paced and if this set doesn’t either get the new listener excited about getting out and getting crazy, or the old timers (like myself) nostalgic about the original sounds and happy that the music we so dearly loved is in good hands and still progressing, then I’ll be a very disappointed music fan.

Fabriclive & Rinse, a new challenger has entered the ring.

All words by Simon Tucker. More work by Simon on Louder Than War can be read here.

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