Sunday, March 7, 2021
The North Will Rise Again
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Reeperbahn Festival – the sunny side of the strip

The flight from Manchester to Hamburg, handily, is a great introductory metaphor for what we're about to experience at the Reeperbahn Festival. I love it when that happens.

Reeperbahn – In The City alternative for 2011?

A German 'In The City', to those of us who frequent the Mancunian titan each year, and with no ITC in 2011, perhaps Reeperbahn could fill the gaping chasm it has left this time around.

Margate! So much to answer for

Journalist Iain Aitch outlines his fantastic mission to record Margate's youth culture.

Travel is good for the soul

All this sunshine!! It’s been warmer here in the UK than in Majorca, and Greece; so why would anyone want to travel further field?...

Best International Music Festivals 2011 – maybe

Best International Music Festivals 2011 ”“ Maybe”¦ Ok, so the weather this last week or so has been outstanding; but we all know it won't...

Withnail And I, revisited

“SCRUBBERS!” I yell gleefully - leaning from the passenger seat of our car into the full force of the northern wind. The sound...

Bucharest – A City In Transition (and some great new bands)

48 hours in Rumania's capital city...

Prodigy live in India – Review by our Indian correspondent Karan Pradhan

Prodigy live in India- Review by our Indian correspondent Karan Pradhan

Shanghai is one of the key world cities of the now – by Jeremy Allen

There are several key cities in the world. Epicentres where the swirl of money and culture is at its strongest. The places were it's...

Aki from Fun Da Mental reports from Pakistan

As we traveled towards Noshera again, I reflected what I had seen on the previous visit to villages around Ahmanabad a few days before, it was about the worst the floods could get really, what else could water destroy?




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The Twenty Seven Club by Lucy Nichol – book review

There’s been loads of book about the impact of punk, but not many...

Alex Maas (Black Angels) announces live Levitation Session with new song – news

On the back of his fantastic solo album, Luca, Black Angels frontman Alex Maas...

Interview: Kawabata Makoto (Mainliner/Acid Mothers Temple)

Dan Volohov interviews Kawabata Makoto about the reformation of Mainliner, rock-music, concepts and words, Acid Mothers Temple...

Hannah Rose Kessler: A Thousand Cuts – single review

Hannah Rose Kessler: A Thousand Cuts (Reckless Yes) DL | Streaming Out now Hannah Rose Kessler has released...

BirdPen: All Function One – album review

BirdPen: All Function One (JAR Records) CD | LP | DL Out now BirdPen bring us their sixth...