Red Hot Chili Peppers album review
Red Hot Chili Pepperfly

Red Hot Chili Peppers
”ËœI’m With You’
album review
August 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers album review
Red Hot Chili Pepperfly

Well where do you go after all this time?

By rights the Red Hot Chili Peppers should not even be here by now. They should have succumbed to drugs or ever-disappearing guitar players but somehow they seem to gain strength from adversity. Lose one of the most iconic guitar players of your generation in John Frusciante? Then get another one with his understudy Josh Klinghoffer and take three years out and pull off a key return with a new album. The fact that the album even got released is a testament to the band’s iron will and over flowing creativity, but the question remains- is it actually any good?

Will this be the Californication style mega comeback, or a One Hot Minute hiccup? Will it be the balladic band in their pomp of their best selling By The Way? Of the funk monks of Blood Sugar Sex Magik? It is neither, for what it lacks in the firebrand brilliance of the band’s highpoint 1989 release Blood Sugar Sex Magic or the stirring comeback of Californication it is far superior to career blip One Hot Minute and definitely a return to form after the sprawling disappointment of their last album, the double set of Stadium Arcadium.

A hoped for return to the hard-rocking days of Mother’s Milk and BloodSugarSexMagik has not been realised but there are some hot moments on here.

Will it capture the moment like 1999’s Californication? Will it mention California in every song!? And how will the Chili’s’ new guitarist – the band’s eighth over their 28-year career – fare filling the giant shoes left vacated by Frusciante?

Monarchy of Roses:

The song starts of very well with a splatch of noise, feedback and Kiedis’ vocals all fucked up before kicking into the song proper that features a great chorus. We’re off to a really good start here and its good to hear the band remembering the old maxim to start of an album with a bit of a rocker.

Factory of Faith:

The first of the tracks where you really notice Flea’s great bass work, the Flea man has reemerged on this album and the and plenty more examples of his great bass playing. Has he taken control of the band’s creativity again after the departure of Frusciante? He certainly dominates the chops and new boy Josh adds textures without ever getting off the leash.
The song has some typically silly lyrics and another great chorus and some subtly dark guitar touches from Klinghoffer….so far so good and we are in business. Nice wig out at the end of the track as well.

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