Toundra: III – album review.

Toundra: III (Aloud Music Ltd)
Out Now

Heavy metal (and definitely not post rock) band Toundra may sound suspiciously similar to Mogwai but their recent release, III, has been critically acclaimed with, as Nick Wood explains, good reason.

Anyone hate the term Post Rock? I do. I love the music that is sometimes tarred with this absolute nonsense header of Post Rock. I doubt Mogwai are overly keen on it either but it’s often applied to them. Mogwai have to take responsibility for the hoard of instrumental bands who sound like them. Indentical to them. Like Toundra. Not a gnat chuff hair could separate how much this band sound like Mogwai and in turn bands like God is an Astronaut, Explosions in the Sky and Mono.

So nothing new here.

But, if you like stuff like the bands mentioned above then there is a lot to take from this release. Ladies and gentlemen, it has your quiet bits. It has your noisy bits. Longish songs, reverb, clean picked guitar and 2nd noisy guitar, it’s all here for your aural pleasure.

I always wondered if Stuart Brathewaite hears stuff like this and thinks “I should bloody well sue” but as gaps between Mogwai albums gets longer (Although I notice they have another remix album on the way) you can satisfy your Mogwai urges with Toundra.

They hail from Madrid and seem to have been around for around 5 years. They like vinyl, so that’s another reason to like them. Their album covers all look like Candlemass covers and they class themselves as Heavy Metal so they avoided the horrible term I mentioned at the beginning so fair play chaps.

Well worth checking these chaps out if you have the slightest interest in the bands I been referring too. I’m expecting great things from them soon.

Toundra’s website is here. They can be found on Facebook here & twitter here.

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  1. seriously doubt you listened to this album. if you had said, “sounds hard-rock/metallish like Russian Circles, or gritty ITTCT or GFE, ” you’d be believable. But Mogwai? Are you kidding? EiTS, GIAA, or…MONO?? There’s so much difference between Mogwai, EiTS, GIAA and MONO…Maybe you were just stirring the pot. I’m not a major fan of Toundra, but each release has seen them acquire more skill with their instruments, better production and more focus on cohesiveness (imho). Give ‘er a real spin next time.

  2. Totally agree with Donald Soles… I always wonder what is the relevance of such a review when its author clearly misses the point… telling about post-rock while dealing with Toundra… If one has to categorized Toundra’s music, it would be far much better to use the term “post-metal” (yeah post-metal is not post-rock, just like metal is not rock). And besides categories arguing which is generally pointless, how can someone think to Mogwai when listening to this music? And once again, i agree that Toundra can be compared with bands like – IMHO – Russian Circles and Long Distance Calling (amongst others), bands which have a “metal” basement. Fortunately there is one thing we all agree: that this band clearly deserves some listening.


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