Totem Terrors Hard Science

Totem Terrors Hard ScienceTotem Terrors – Hard Science (Diet Pops)

LP | CD | DL

Out 29th of June 2015


An album filled with ecstatic highs and heartfelt lows, Totem Terrors navigate the light and shade of the musical landscape effortlessly in this impressive record.

Opening in a fit of swaggering guitar noise, Totem Terrors latest offering has us grooving from the off. Big E’s pounding beats remind us to “focus on the task at hand”, yet it’s hard not to be distracted by the funky tune. Their style fluctuates, yet they always remain insanely danceable and equally excitable.

The screeches of feedback and heavily reverbed vocals provide another dance floor hit in the form of Deathwish MF. These short but perfectly formed slices of punk goodness, are filled with ecstatic licks, but remain rooted in the bizarre, as amply demonstrated in Imagine A Dog, which doesn’t fail to raise a smile as Rosie chants “Sail Away” repeatedly.

Their complementary, often chanted, vocals feature heavily; the minimalist Tick Tock is haunting in its delivery, its bass driven backing track providing the perfect platform for these chanting vocals. Yet Swan Song sees them back on fuzzier territory with another darker number, cloaked in feedback accompanied by the odd screeching guitar, whilst the vocals remain so delicate and soft, all of which are at a contrast to the earlier excitement.

Bristol Defector Hex sees them back into their groove though as they describe their “Friday night standing here in Tesco”, their effortlessly exciting tracks provide a real shine to the album. At the same time though, the plethora of darkness on offer shows of the bands other side exquisitely.

Worried finds them effortlessly combining the two, the darker lyrics with their party vibes. With the variety of styles that they traverse so easily, they’re almost impossible to pin down. The album is almost bipolar at times, the opening exuberance mixed with the aforementioned darkness provides an intriguing listen, the highs are ecstatic the lows are deep and heartfelt. Despite these wild variations, Hard Science has our hearts racing from start to finish.


Totem Terrors can be found online here They’re are also on Facebook and tweet as @TotemTerrors.

All words by Lee Hammond. You can check out more work by Lee at his Louder Than War author’s archive, he also tweets as @NapZap.

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