6. Bauhaus

The musically innovative Northampton band are far too often airbrushed the history of MUSICAL STUFF but listen back to their records- dark dub meets the total football rock approach- there are no passengers in this band- from the bass to Daniel Ash’s stunning guitar work- a guitar that never does the conventional and the dark dub drums and swooping vocals it’s all the stuff of a total football dream or of nightmares- depending on your take on things.

7. Magic Band

At their best the Magic Band sounded like a band recording in separate rooms and somehow making it work with each instrument scurrying away like a strange beast- a shiny beast in many ways.

8. Einsturzende Neubauten

So deep into this concept that they virtually got rid of all the boring stuff like instruments and replaced them with metal percussion and still made it sound like music- that’s the genius of the band. If it sounded like throwing metal percussion down the stairs it probably was but it still sounded like a music.

9. Birthday Party

The rock n roll parallel to Einsturzende Neubauten that made the conventional sound like the unconventional. Tracy Pugh’s bass was the spine and the guitars really did sound like out old friend- switchblades- there was also Nick Cave’s poetic word spew- like Shakespeare on junk- fantastic and deranged stuff.

10. The Ex

Well they are Dutch so the closest to the Cruyff geographically.
The Ex made music like a machine- a clanking, grinding metronomic machine that hooked around a guitar that sounds like it was getting hit by a hammer- possibly because, sometimes, it was. Over 30 plus years and endless albums later the band have refined their sound down to a perfect grind with every instrument running off the ball – classic total football rock infact!


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