Top Ten ‘Songs of Injustice’ following Stephen Lawrence case.

In the light of the Stephen Lawrence conviction we have a top ten protest songs (since there didn’t seem to be one about Stephen Lawrence) about how acts of injustice can inspire musical creativity that can, in turn, inspire, inform and mobilise…

1. Asian Dub Foundation’s ‘Free Satpal Ram’

2. Crosby Stills Nash and Young’Ohio’

3. The Clash, Julie’s been Working For the Drug Squad’

4. U2’s ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’

5. Angelic Upstarts ‘Who Murder Of Liddle Towers’

6. Sham 69 ‘George Davis is Innocent’

7. The Specials ‘Free Nelson Mandela’

8. Peter Gabriel ‘Biko’

9. Bob Dylan ‘Hurricane’

10. Linton Kwesi Johnson’s ‘Reggae Fi Peach’

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  1. Could’ve also included The Farm’s ‘All Together Now’ which, as those of you who were lucky enough to get to one of Mick Jones’ Justice Tonight gigs will have seen, has become a uniting anthem for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.


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