Top ten songs about dogs

He’s man’s best friend, so it’s no wonder that some of the best songs ever written are about our four-legged chum – the dog. 

Whether it’s a lament to lost puppy love, an admonishment of bitchy behaviour or a warning from Orwellian cyber-hounds, our canon of canine croons is a rich one.

Here, then, are ten of the very best odes to woofers – without resorting to the works of Dogs D’Amour, Dogs, Patrick Wolf, The Korgis or Bow Wow Wow…

1) Paw – Jessie. Who says major label grungers have no soul? This sensitive tale of lost-dog misery tugged at many a plaid-clad heart-string back in the 90s. Jessie, you’re a good dog.Just go on home…

2) Elvis Presley – Hound Dog. Before he got soppy over Old Shep, the King had some angry words reserved for our panting, slobbering, Chum-eating pals. Especially ones that had yet to catch a rabbit.

3) David Bowie – Diamond Dogs. He dressed like a dog for the cover, but the real weird stuff was in the Orwell-inspired futuristic title track. Best heard on the distorted dystopian ‘David Live’ album.

4) Lambchop – My Blue Wave. The saddest song, ever. EVER. The dog gives you the paw, but can he break through Mr Wallinger’s cloud of depression? Doesn’t sound like it.

5) Killdozer – Knuckles (The Dog Who Helps People). Good old Knuckles – always there to help old ladies and children in peril. He was misunderstood, though. Poor Knuckles.

6) Morrissey – Alsatian Cousin. Pushing it a bit, I know, but surely Moz must have had German Shepherds in mind when he asked: “were you and he lovers”, no? No? Oh.

7) Rocket From The Crypt – Dick On A Dog. How red is it? Speedo and his chums will tell you – in the seediest, sleaziest, swingiest way possible. Great fun from a great band.

8) Patti Page – How Much Is That Doggie In The Window? Hmm. Patti went dog shopping to provide her sweetheart with a companion while she buggered off to California. Is this wise, Patti?

9) Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love. Good old Kate. When she’d finished mucking about with desolate moorlands she turned her pithy attention to rainmaking and these critters: dogs that, er, love. Or something (don’t make me look up the lyrics, please…).

10) Peter Shelley – Love Me Love My Dog. Sounds like it should be an item on the Jeremy Kyle Show. Things were so much simpler in 1975. Thanks Peter. And good luck with your future career in The Buzzcocks.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me what a great song ‘Knuckles the Dog’ is! Here’s my contribution – a song called ‘Gadget’ about a dog called Sarah, who was mistreated by her wheelchair-bound, technology-obsessed, master: httpss://

  2. Don’t forget

    ‘Dog’ by Pigface httpss://


    ‘Dog’ by John Lydon httpss://

  3. I can’t believe you haven’t included Iggy’s “I Wanna Be Your Dog”. I’m in shock now.

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