Mad DaddyTop Ten Rockin’ Tunes that inspire Mad Daddy: Isle of Man Rockers on Tour in the South of England in Feb and Scotland in March.

Mad Daddy are Blues Punk Rock’n’Roll Fundamentalists with Gob Iron* and Attitude! *That means Mouth Organ by the way.  From The Isle of Man, these cats have been LTW favourites from the start. We wrote about them here, here, here and here.

They are on tour in the South of England this month playing Brighton on Thursday 24th, Portsmouth on Friday 25th, London on Saturday 26th and Bristol on Sunday 27th February 2022 – full details at the bottom of the page. Scotland in March and Manchester in May.

This is what to expect…. (The dates will sell out, so get tickets now!)

We asked Dolyn – the handsome motherfucker of a singer to give us his Top Ten Inspirational Songs which make Mad Daddy what they are…. Here are his choices.

Long Tall Sally – Gene Vincent

OK first up, a Rock n Roll standard. Everyone knows the song, but this is what ‘Give it To Me ‘ was based on. This a great live version by Gene Vincent that was really inspiring to me, it’s almost punk like. He limps on stage with crutches then throws them away, goes straight into the track before the bands ready, and proceeds to tear the place up. His movements are very restricted (due to the severe pain he was in constantly from a motorcycle crash) but he somehow makes it seem like a lot. That appeals to me as I’m a lanky bastard and often look awkward. See also Joey Ramone.

Boogie Chillun – John Lee Hooker

So next is Boogie Chillun. For ‘Just You Wait (And see’) we employ the ‘Detroit Boogie’ a riff/rhythm heard on loads of songs. (ZZ Top, Canned Heat, Sonny Boy Williamson) So who better to pick than the master and originator of said style, John Lee Hooker.

Raw Power – Iggy and The Stooges

Keeping it in Detroit, here’s Iggy and the Stooges. The influence of their sound on the album (and most decent bands) is probably 2nd to none. I remember driving around like a lunatic on the abandoned roads of the the first covid lockdown – there was a heatwave going on, I had my custom stooges ‘best of’ playlist at full blast, and my amber lens aviators on, giving everything that real vintage tint. It was like being in Apocalypse Now/Mad Max. Went for Raw Power due to the very obvious reference we use in Ride With Me. But it’s all cool, he played our track on his 6 music show so I’ll take that as his blessing.

Sonic Reducer – Dead Boys

Around the same time I was also listening to a lot of Dead Boys. This is some great sleazy punk. From Ohio (like the Cramps) They became one of the CBGBs era bands and the owner of said club Hilly Kristel even became their manager. The guitar riffs by Cheetah Chrome on their debut are just pure class.

Some Mutts (can’t be muzzled) – Amyl and The Sniffers

Amyl and The Sniffers was one of the last bands I saw before Covid really kicked off. Me and a friend flew to London for my 28th birthday to watch them off the back of this video. (Turns out bass player Gus shares the same birthday) Due to how early the flight home was the next morning, it was reasoned that there was no point getting a hotel and we’d do an all nighter instead (with some assistance 😎). The gig was incredible. The pit was like being in a pack of wild dogs, all chompin at the bit, while Amy Taylor strutted up and down the stage fearlessly. So cool. I almost broke my ankle and chipped a tooth, but had one of the best nights ever. I came home inspired, Mad Daddy needed to get tougher and faster.

Lost Time Blues – Chrome Cranks

Chrome Cranks are as far as I’m aware, a much lesser known band (Also from Ohio, interesting…). They were around in the 90s and dubbed themselves Punk Blues. As a punk and blues man, that really appealed to me as a ‘genre’, but I found there wasn’t too much other punk blues bands out there. Now there’s a bit more, thanks to Mad Daddy. I also really love the Elvis style mumbling on this track. (Other punk blues bands to check out are The Gun Club, Flat Duo Jets, and our mates from Manchester; Bones Shake)

Who Do You Love – Bo Diddley

Going back to the blues now seems like a strange direction for the playlist, but our track ‘Hey Elvis!’ was heavily inspired by this track, kinda mixed with his signature ‘Bo Diddley beat’ also the title/chorus is a reference to ‘Hey Bo Diddley’. We just took the idea and punked it up to fuck.

Mannish Boy – Muddy Waters

Mannish boy, another blues standard we punked up for ‘Real Bad Day’ while also throwing in plenty of other cliches (“woke up this morning” etc.) Figured we should have at least one track in this list that features harmonica too! James Cottons aggressive style on this cut is great. (Other notable harp players I love are Slim Harpo and the greatest of all time, Little Walter)

Garbage Man – The Cramps

The Band that inspired it all, as well as our namesake. The early stuff just can’t be beat. Bryon Gregory’s guitar on this track is just amazing and outta this world, it always gets me pumped up. Anytime I start to wonder why I still persevere with music, I listen to this track and it all comes rushing back. Originally a riff by the Rumblers, the Cramps made it their own. We did too with ‘Outta The Way.’

Ace of Spades – Motorhead

THE greatest Rock n Roll song of all time. It never gets boring, never gets old. I saw Motorhead in Liverpool when I was 19 years old, and still vividly remember being in the Swan pre gig. It was a school night, and it was absolutely heaving, everyone was wearing leather jackets and Motorhead was pumping out of the Jukebox none stop. It felt like I was part of a really cool gang, and to an outsider, there really ain’t much better feeling than that. The gig was great too.

And here is the full playlist on one link for your enjoyment.

Many thanks Dolly and good luck with the tour.

Tour Dates
MARCH 10TH  @ The Mash House Edinburgh Supporting Steve n Seagulls
MARCH 11TH  @ Stereo. Glasgow. Supporting Steve n Seagulls

MAY 6TH   MANCHESTER date to be confirmed

Mad Daddy Bandcamp and Facebook

>As told to Ged Babey for LTW

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